3rd February 2021

Endings are seldom as spectacular as beginnings. Changes when they first arrive seem sudden, unexpected, abrupt, forcing alterations to our everyday existence that spreads far beyond the scope of what we can easily accept or tolerate. But of course it is not the naturally occurring transmutation of ritual that lies at fault, it is rather our own inherent need to grasp the familiar, to refuse to release bygones that by their very dated nature must change or perish.

Backtracking to some picturesquely imagined point in time is never practical. The redemption, reincarnation of an epoch past is physically and temporally impossible, yet our natures still pine for such unrequitedly. Anniversaries, special occasions, reoccurring events have queered us to reality, midnight on New Year’s Eve does not really birth celebratory fireworks, it is but the advancing of the universes second hand one more time. What we excitable, positive, hopeful beasts are ever irrationally inclined to denote significant moments rarely truly reflect actual import.

Normality cannot return, does not reemerge, rebirth, once irrevocably swept from existence. That which does does appear is as new as any other creation, perhaps somewhat familiar having the taste and scent of a previous experienced reality, yet in actuality as different as night and day, interconnected, related, but distinctly individual. Life perhaps can be related to Lego pieces, individually small, innocuous, meaningless, but once adjoined by plan or random chance capable of extraordinary complex and unimaginable variability, as indeed are the genetic ingredients of being itself. I am not suggesting forgetting or abandoning the past, rather put those moments safely into you memory with all the other happenstances that have aligned to create the momentous who, what and where you are. Then, with all those tools so generously provided and carefully collected, saunter forth into a brave new today, tomorrow, future time, wholly undismayed, undaunted, unbowed, and most importantly, whilst still remembering, even reminiscing, never broodingly looking back.

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