2nd February 2021

Seems to me we have been in lockdown quite long enough now to get used to the pros and cons. The cons are fairly obvious, a lack of almost any king of interface outside of immediate friends, family, or house mates. The pros whilst perhaps not quite so obvious to many are still pretty clear to me, being the able to avoid any kind of interface outside or friend, family, and house mates. ‘Tis always so sublimely beneficial when the positives and negative so neatly balance out.

Admittedly, I have never really been that much of a touchy feely sort of person, sure on occasion I can be as romantic as the next person, but not in a very public or exhibitionistic way. Much of that coolness is probably due to my cultural upbringing, stoicism being greatly admired in the British Isles, goes along famously with the damp and chilly weather. I have tried to become more demonstrative in my ways, practiced hugging at great length and some little personal risk, being totally unsure exactly where it is either appropriate or advisable to rest my hands amidst embraces.

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