29th December 2020

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, five gold rings.

Golden rings are traditionally gifted in relation to troths of love, particularly a deep heart felt love suggesting long term commitment and an almost unimaginable faithfulness, both quite in opposition, it would be fair to state, to the genetic human imperative. The use of the prefix five in this particular rhyme suggests quite candidly that true love is a result of a comparative experience as opposed to a singular and sudden immaculate conception.

True love is of course a symptom ever perceived in self-obsession, the singularly humanist trait that goes far towards explaining our ability to have survived and prospered under seeming extreme negative circumstances. Survival is unquestionably number one on the list of human priorities, in itself an example of unflinching adoration.

The capacity to feel, express, show unadulterated love for another individual is a capability that has ever been lost to me. I manage often, comfortably, to express two out of three of the imperatives regularly, but all three simultaneously, seemingly never.   I do not consider this to be a particularly unique characteristic, I would suggest rather that the capacity to indulge blind love is aberration rather than norm, an ideal propagated in song, play, poem and literature, but in the cold reality of honesty as unusual as a happy lamb in a lion’s den.

There is no fault in seeking perfection in relationships, just as there is no error in searching out sublimity in any facet of experience, but to necessarily judge compatibility, suitability, viability, solely on the basis of overriding and unflinching love is a rather tall and probably unlikely proposition.

Relationships are invariably hard work, and no amount of adoration, devotion, amorous sugar coating, will turn the impossibly fragile into a cast iron certainty. Respect, consideration, unerring commitment, and care will induce longevity, dreamy utterances of love not so much.

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