28th December 2020

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

If 2020 is remembered for one thing it might well be as the marking of the occasion that disease and death returned from the fringes of recall to the core of each and every family.

After so many years expounding the wonderous advances in diagnostic and therapeutic science, the medical profession has been found sorely lacking. Equally, the somewhat vague and antiseptic inter-relationship between the general populace and severe illness and mortality has been graphically exposed as misguided in the extreme, as seemingly each and every day the frequency of ‘bodies hitting the floor’ increases with uncontrolled frequency.

Twas a time death and disease were societies regular bedfellows and as participants, willing or not, humanity were obliged to take the game seriously. Times changed, mankind somehow lost sight of its fallibility, assuming quite erroneously that all mortality was as conquerable as most infectious conditions, simply by administration of the latest and greatest cure-all. I doubt society’s attitude towards life suddenly become blasé, matter of fact, yet somewhere, somehow, that inference was absorbed fallaciously by each and every person amongst multiple superseding generations.

Our species slightness of stature in the face of the universes immensity was far too easily set aside, overlooked through that very human fatal combination of conceit and self-interest, forgot till the audible rumbling of the guillotines blade as it descended the uprights obligated hurried and contrite reappraisal. Unfortunately ‘twas not the first decapitation that produced response, the number of sacrificial heads reached astronomical figures, Spanish flu proportions, before adequately draconian preventative measures were set in place.

Safe to say this will not be the last of the COVID variances, we are but left to hope that yesterday, todays, and tomorrows, martyrs are neither ignored nor forgot.

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