25th December 2020

Christmas day is representative of so many different concepts, but particularly those of generosity, sharing, and an unqualified sense of peace and, and fraternity. Not surprisingly these simplistic ideals are central to the original realization of the seasons fundamental principles, a coming, a shared wonderment, and the commencement of unprecedented inner tranquility.

That this singular and almost universally celebrated occasion has managed to survive unabridged, through both joyful and oft dark, depressing times, is both miraculous in itself and in the realization that the human spirit, almost without exception, continues annually to exude unabashedly the mysterious force that so illustrates the beauteous nature of the season.

At first glance, superficially if you will, my existence might appear quite solitary, singular, ascetic, eremite, but in actuality is touched often, and most abundantly by the warmth, considerations, kindnesses of individual friends, casual and formal acquaintances, and most remarkably the multitude of strangers it is my good fortune to meet, acknowledge, interact with, share, even but for a few blessed moments, words and expressions of familial warmth.

At the very core of the Christian message, commencing undeniably with the nativity, is the fundamental truth that the individual has no reason, no need, no necessity to ever feel alone, bereft of spiritual warmth, succor, or companionship. Whether based on truth or invention this basic proposition is perhaps as fundamental to the human condition as any. That we all need connection, to fellows, to our time, to some reality, for the promotion and fruition of good physical and mental health, emotional wellbeing, happiness and contentment is unquestionable.

I am now oft reminded of sayings, expressions, colloquialisms, that in my youth seemed unnecessarily vague or obtuse, but in hindsight are exactly well founded. ‘Not throwing the baby out with the bathwater’, is just such a surreal, but consistently apropos metaphor. We are all ever inclined to forget the singularly important when dismissing what we consider dated, or inconsequential.

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