24th December 2020

‘Tis Christmas eve and all Christendom prepares to celebrate the nativity, although in truth Christmas day itself will be marked in homes Christian and non-Christian alike with equal good tidings of comfort and joy.

The date has in many ways superseded the anniversary to become a global celebration of all things wonderous and magical, of family, friends, peaceable cohabitation, a twenty-four hour long deep breath of contentment and good cheer.  The naysayers will of course disavow any religious significance, and although I might myself stoutly disagree with such a sentiment surprisingly I am quite happy to acknowledge their objections.

I find no benefit, no merit, in fighting secular opinion, any more than I feel entitled to claim that mine own convictions are in any way superior to another’s. To do so would in my humble opinion be exactly in opposition to that very message I will be attempting to hold close tomorrow and for as long after as is possible or practical in a tempestuous world. The concept of redemption is not the property of one sect, one faith, one ethical perspective, over every other. Each of us in our own simple or complex manner, individually or collectively, look for truth, meaning, vindication, absolution, to aid fostering good over evil, happiness over misery, charity over divisiveness.

Christmas eve, the nativity, Christmas day, reflect those profound and very accomplishable goals, categorically declaring, whether celebrated in church, apartment building, tent, or just under a wintery sky, a desire to see the universal implementation of each and every positive outcome, without exception, prejudice, or qualification.

I cannot recall once in my entire life having worked upon a Christmas eve, I state this not as a boast, but rather as a sad omission. Never a once have I had opportunity, the good providence, to truly contemplate looking upwards and witnessing an angel descending whilst ‘glory shone around’.

A very Merry Christmas to you all!

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