20th November 2020

I have become more and more intrigued with the way we are almost unknowingly being retrained to quantify time. In more normal moments we would be inclined to use a recognized system of  measurement, a clock, a calendar, a diary, some easily divisible scale that presents us and the universe around us with a clear and concise understanding of the position of specific events, happenstances,  in relation to the space time continuum.

Life events, practices, are in regular times straight forward to differentiate one from another, activities that transpire on say a Monday, are sufficiently particular or habitual to that day as to be memorable solely for that reason, immediately allowing a subdivision of seven. Particular Mondays we remember by coincidental singularly remarkable events included in that twenty-four-hour period, allowing the formulation of a calendar, referencing one singular day within a year of repeating quadruple seven-day sets.

All very fascinating and interesting I hear you say very politely, but why intriguing? Our memories of circumstances, of events, of particular occasions, are all dependent on irregularity, individual differences, upon the odd rather than the usual. In a society suddenly forced to live an existence of overwhelming similarity, tedium, blandness, how many days transpire before ceaseless repetition overwhelms singular significance. For those not disciplined to the diary, the memoir, the personal record, how soon does every day become the same day, every moment but an exact replica of every other moment. Mine own last nine months can quite simply be summed up as the amount of time necessary to grow two full face beards, with a clean-shaven week between.

Of course I am aware of the date, the season, the state of the world, but in truth the only reality that has truly personally touched me, carved an indelible marker upon my consciousness is the wholly natural sprouting of facial hair. The question might also be asked as why it appears that wholesale hirsutism results from global pandemic.

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