19th November 2020

The phoenix, the firebird, is a myth both of long-term hope and immediate disaster. Much like life itself the legend presents us with a scenario where in order for a new growth to be conceived and there after flourish the old must be consumed utterly to ash by conflagration. The universe, time itself, is undoubtably cyclic with as fresh starts as acceptable outcomes. Ancient tales are inclined to have far more than a grain of truth, perhaps not literal, or even augury, but certainly indicating well held and proven underlying natural law.

As a species we are unsurprisingly inclined to fear sudden or unexpected change, to turn away from the new in favor of well tried and tested practice. Nature does not share our qualms, is rather inclined to recognize failure or cul-de-sac before the same understanding pervades our comparatively slow perceptions. Natural science, the progress of environmental evolution, ultimately ever wins, humankind being of no intrinsic import in the design of creation and renewal.

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