4th February 2020

Words used singularly or conjoined are homo sapiens primary form of communication beyond manual gesticulation, facial expression or pictorial representation by drawing, sketch or cartoon. They allow a verbal interchange capable of expressing ideas, objects, both real and illusory, actions, present past and future, emotions, beliefs, in fact can express both generally and in great detail the full gambit of human knowledge and experience. The evolvement of spoken language, beyond those few guttural notes and calls managed by the remainder of the earths creatures, was undoubtedly the single most important element allowing the interaction, cooperation, community, civilization that led to mankind’s ascendancy to their physically underserved position as the top predator, the king of beasts.

The diatribe I  know present for your delectation or disapproval, this mechanically and electronically created visual representation of words,  is the direct consequence and continuance of that very first recognizably distinct sound expressed by the naked or maybe animal skin clothed primitive who began this still continuing exploration into the endlessly fascinating and enchanting world of the written and spoken word.

I love words, love their taste,  their texture, the way they sound, how they give color to blandness,  add  contrast to glare, expand thoughts, contract explanations, give the one dimensional shape, the two dimensional depth and the three dimensional time and space.

Gestures are important, give meaning when silence is necessary, give emphasis to the unspeakable, can give private warning and advise when audibility would be unadvisable of counterproductive. However gesticulation require proximity, a line of sight, a possibility and willingness for visual connectivity.

Expressions are undeniable necessary to convey genuineness, deep emotion, sudden surprise or fear, admiration, loathing, but are easy to falsify, can be used to manipulate through piteousness or timidity, are for the consummate professional performer beacons of intent rather than effect.

Words, whilst they might be mispronounced or misspelt have, if used with care and full contextualization, clear and concise meanings beyond doubt or argument.  Gestures and expressions are subject to interpretation, words are not. Precision in usage ensures accuracy in understanding.

My church comprises the open air, my cathedral the forest, my monastic cloisters the paths meandering through those sacred and majestic vistas.

I name them sacred, but not as places to worship ethereal objects or invisible mystical beings but rather as places to search out and find serenity, to gain freedom of thought and purpose, to contemplate clearly unfettered by the distraction of a modern existence that rather than  alleviating stress compounds the burden.

My cassock, depending on weather, is a warm and water repellent coat or a less weighty but equally practically pocketed vest or jacket, my stole a wrap, scarf or Shemagh of suitably gaudy and distinctive color and pattern. These simplistic and practical trappings aid and foster my ability to perform my invocations, the purposeful prayers expressed outwardly through generally gentle but occasionally strident footsteps upon the hallowed earth.

My step is serene because peace surrounds me.  I progress as one, yet commune with all, at once separate but indivisible from all.

I am often asked why I smile as I wander, now you know.

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