5th February 2020

Baccarat 11/11/11

What burns so fiercely Hatter
Alice asked through watering eyes,
‘The cards My dear, the cards,
Deck upon deck, torn and lifeless
Fodder for eternally voracious flames.’
‘Were they not worthy yet
Of headstone standing tall,
Lined in suits, laid in colors
To be seen, counted and honored
For the worth of their valiant dealings?’
Griffin wept from just the realization
That this child saw through the haze,
Those skyward drifting endless plumes
Fed constant by discarded hands
Black and white cast upon the embers.
Far too many, without numbers,
Suits destroyed and colors faded,
Unintentional losses, collateral damage,
From pointless risky all-in bluffs
Declared unwittingly in crooked games.
Lion pawed at Griffins shoulder
Entreating him to turn away,
"But I must stay and mourn awhile
Afore this deck is lost neath newer dealings
And no one truly comprehends their worth."
Beckoning Alice and Hatter to follow
Lion led them to the ornate gates,
"Griffin will guard, as long as he can stand
Memorizing every scrap of each card dutifully
Immortalizing those the players have forget."
The Mad Hatter, LLandudno, Principality of Wales

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