16th May 2023

Lothlys brilliantly planned and superbly Gordon organized luncheon was an absolutely roaring success. The quartet of diverse, independent, and most accomplished women found much common ground and cause in their quite separate but oddly parallel existences. All four were touched with the need to serve the higher good, to expand the influences and import of their gender, but in a most inclusive manner, never detracting from the vital contributions of all other individuals and groupings whatever their genetic and psychological perspectives. They all had in one way or another suffered the belittlement of their abilities from nothing more than a prejudicial viewpoint, and were determined to rise above such insignificant considerations in their own thoughts and actions. To any independent observer the purpose the Colonels clever attempt to ferment the construction of such a so capable squad of socially and politically aware operatives should prove most apparent. Tobias James was totally on board with the concept, even agreeing to share some part of funding.

The short trip back from the winery to the compound proved much more snug than the opposite ride. The fours close adjacency on the back seat caused not the slightest embarrassment or limitation in conversation or individual relaxation. Zara and Atsuko sat on the ends of the leather seat with Claudine and Annette in between. To facilitate as much roominess as plausible all their arms and hands were most fondly interlinked.  A large volume of feelings and intent can be displayed quite easily though held hands, by their comparative compression, and the subtlest digital movement.

Claude and Annette were already intimately be aware of each other, Atsuko and Zara possibly similarly, but from this short but informative limousine squeezing it was evident the established pairings were open to expansion, merging, and cross pollination.

 “I am so happy that you ladies has such a successful and enjoyable luncheon.”

” Oh Gordon, you are such a treasure!’

Annette, followed by the other three in turn, planted a smacker on Gordons right cheek.

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