9th April 2023

Darlene slavishly followed her deliciously cruel superior into her villa, a suitable five paces to the rear in utter silence. She was plaintively hoping for a second slap on the opposite cheek but was such a lucky circumstance was most unlikely. The annoyance in Joanna’s blood would no doubt still, and any further most acceptable demonstrations of aggression would need to be needled, extracted, from the worthiest Mistress most cunningly.

Having carefully removed her three button jacket and hung it very properly about the back of her computer seat, Joanna pushed her preferred earpieces into her ears and began monitoring the earlier conversations between her boss the Whitehall. Colonel Lothly recorded all of his conversations, public and private, for transcription and storage, and Joanna had automatic access to them all. It was an accurate measure of his trust for his assistant.

“Our joint ears, and minds are much better more superior than just mine alone. Joanna.”

The Colonel was a most astute man.    

“Rub my feet.”

The instruction was issued almost imperceptibly but the ever-attentive Darlene at once most eagerly dropped to her knees and with hesitation crawled forward to bring herself to a suitable adjacent situation. An observant individual would have noted that the short creep caused both the very delicate seamed silk stockings covering Darlene’s knees considerably abrading and encouraged the stinging appearance of mild contusions upon the otherwise unblemished skin.

Darlene eased Joanna’s still pristinely clean brogues from her feet but was somewhat perturbed to note they both were tied very loosely, not Joanna’s usual very precise style at all, and that her right sock was inside out. That she felt the inklings of jealousy at this proof that her Mistress had had reason to disrobe utterly during her absence Darlene’s sight was galling and deriving of some immediate self-inflicted punishment. Darlene pinched a sliver of skin on the back of her right hand very severely.

The magical ability of Darlene Gillespie’s fingers to ease the ache in both Joanna’s sore muscles and her quite regularly troubled soul never ceased to amaze. Absent-mindedly reaching down Joanna patted Darlene atop her tightly coiffured head as if she was momentarily a far less irritating pet, occasionally useful for bringing the odd pleasure, but little else.

Darlene found that gentle caressing of her hair very distracting. Joanna was not normally an affectionate individual. She could be sexually very aggressive, extremely wanton when feeling aroused, harsh, bitterly cruel if irritated, as her still throbbing right cheek reminded her, but this sudden expression of seeing affection was confusing, slightly concerning, a lull Darlene feared might well transpose into a flurry of blows at any instant. Best to just go with the mood and take the joy as available Darlene decided and channeled every ounce of her concertation into relieving the tension in her Mistresses most shapely insteps and toes. Just for these few seconds she would allow everything to quite perfect in her world.

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