21st November 2022

Homo sapiens had truly done so very well indeed! We had evolved, survived innumerable challenges to out existence, curtailed our most heinous taste for violence, successfully risen to the very peak of this globes inhabitants, and through all the surrounding pandemonium managed to foster out intelligence and abilities to previously unimaginable heights.

Then quite suddenly, in a foolish drive to comprehend everything, we carelessly forgot the prime truth, that we are merely human, but a small probably unimportant cog in the great design thats is the universe. Blinded by the constantly expanding brilliance of scientific understanding, we mislaid the equally fundamental pillar of knowledge, philosophy.

The epochs at the very end of the nineteenth century, and the begging of the twentieth, saw the divide betwixt   explanations and predictions, and morals and transform from a rippling brook to mighty storm invested ocean.

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