7th August 2021

Excursions are always fun, make the day seem as exciting as could possibly be imagined, especially if the opportunity arises out of the blue, with no time for even a second thought. A simple yes or no is the exact question I like to be asked, obliging an instantaneous decision, ensuring enthusiastic acceptance with trepidus pulse if yay be the answer I proffer to the invite.

Even just risen from my bunk I can be presentable in but thirty minutes, freshly scraped and hosed down, dressed weather appropriately, and with the jaunty effervescence of a pubescent hobbit set for an adventure.  Planning or prewarning always dilutes such moments, settle the beating heart, the cavorting imagination, both most important precursors in any quest beyond the bounds of my shire.

Does my enthusiasm bemuse you, make you worry for my wellbeing, physical and more concernedly mental? If it do I completely understand but cannot adulterate my zeal. Life can be so truly humdrum; excitement should be savored to the very last drop.

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