2nd November 2020

I am perhaps too inclined to enjoy silence, not necessarily the absence of sound you understand, more the lack of unnecessary noise, the cacophony say of Babel on a overcrowded market day, when words are cheap, but only if bought by the dozen. My declining ability to filter out the unnecessary, those phrases and sentences spoken for no more sake than boorishness or self-indulgence has become extreme of late.

Was a time any words that had more to do with a speakers self-esteem than any point of clarification or information would simply whistle past mine ears without even bothering the workings of than most remarkably efficient organ. These days my filter is less autonomous, my attentions too easily grabbed by sounds reminiscent of a murder of ravens fighting over the still moist eyeballs of a corpse fresh in the gibbet. Problem being dross makes me inattentive, excessive verbiage instills distraction, the more overheard the less I focus.

I listen fixedly perhaps to no more than two people of my acquaintance, a decided fault on my part but strictly self-survivalist.   

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