5th October 2020

Regret is both destructive and pointless. Once an action has been taken, an event transpired, the result has taken hold, there is no way known this side of paradise to reverse the circumstances. No amount of apology or sorrow can ever reverse happenstance.

I have always found the best course is to proceed, press on, if only in a perhaps bull like belief that matters will in due course resolve or at minimum conclude. Hence my life has been packed with jolts, reversals, unambiguous defeat, but also the occasional mild success or even clarion triumph.

Life as with automobiles does not proceed in neutral, rather simply wastes time and purpose. Reverse has never attracted me, repeating actions invariably produces a similar outcome, far better to ‘Carry on Regardless’, as any true devotee of farcical nineteen fifties and sixties era ‘B’ comedic films will be more than happy to affirm. Thankfully, human error, personal catastrophe, much like old celluloid movie stock do not age well, indeed with luck, patience, and a tail wind, dissolve right away.

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