8th August 2020

It is of some amazement to me that a people’s forced into limited isolation should of all things dissolve into an ocean of divisiveness. I would have imagined that any enforced separation from one’s fellow creatures would have quite the opposing effect, a deep and unheralded desire to welcome all and any whom might deign to visit. Perhaps xenophobia is nearer the meat of humanity than we had ever realized that the desire to separate and divide is inherited much as our unfortunate need to sweat and defecate.

The sudden upsurge of separatism is undeniable, the ‘them and us’ mentality that invariably leads eventually to some despotic and oppressive form of government. Interestingly, all periods of vast social unrest, fear and panic seem to breed that particular offspring. Europe at the turn of both the nineteenth and twentieth century saw the prevalence of such dark emotion, as did the United States of the 1860’s and 1960’s. History is a consistent firecracker but awaiting the match to ignite the fuse to the explosive charge. My hope has always been that liberalization would eventually cancel out reactionary negativity, that realizations of scientific truths would somehow erase the prevalent discrimination based on nothing more that visual perception and inner fear. I must admit to some disappointment in progress, both in civilizations inability to outgrow prejudice and humankinds continuing failure to look and see deeper than the obvious.

Darwinism has long promised us androgyny, perhaps even a more enlightened and less frenetic lifestyle all round. The possibility of non-sexual progeny beckons seductively, bringing with its esthetic sterility the avoidance of disease, malformation, mental instability, indeed promising a society of consistently developed virtual automatons. Will perhaps the final barrier of demise itself be assaulted and conquered, allowing for life if not eternal certainly vastly multiplied, removing the need for replacement component bodies almost entirely. What a truly horrendous vision, one that almost demands the immediate culling of every scientist upon their first inkling of interest in that particular field of enterprise.

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