5th August 2020

Entitlement to be warranted must originate from some position, skill or place that allows for such import. Allows, but that is not to say justifies the resulting difference to or feeling of superiority. I am fortunate enough to reside upon an island that I consider as near to residential perfection as might be imagined. Because of the limited growth area and sparse inexpensive property or residential accommodation there a naturally imposed limit to growth, despite any demand for a more socially balanced congregation and economy. Medical facilities are minor if not invisible, any major illness requiring air transport of island, equally the choice of grocer, butcher, baker, and candlestick maker is also extremely limited.

However any and all of the major and minor inconveniences are far outweighed by the benefits that island life so willingly endows upon we lucky and grateful residents.  One of the downsides of residing in paradise is that such a place is eagerly sort by many another, even if that need is sated by but a few days camping in one of our wonderous forested Park Areas. Such visitors and tourists are quite naturally perceived as interlopers by the more settled individuals. This is not unusual and a problem I have witnessed in virtually every paradise I have been lucky enough to inhabit. The same disparaging looks at the barbarian hordes are seen on the face of the Venetian, the Roman, the Parisian, even might I suggest the resident of city of London. I pray that age has subdued my reactions somewhat and perhaps I am now able to look at these temporary community members with an eye both understanding and kindly. No doubt was my life less fruitful, less comfortable, less elitist; I would probably feel the desire to mix with the lucky few for a day or two. That their presence is quite so easily distinguishable by dress, by mannerism, by attitude, by entitlement is unfortunate yet understandable. They have my sympathy; life must be endlessly tedious and grim wherever they are domiciled. After all my everyday Nirvana is as much an impossibility for them as ever was and will be.

From the residents perspective a  saving grace of this annual invasion is its need for increased service personal to deal with the demand, by coincidence ensuring a pleasant increase in server, caterer, cleaner for the comfort of we fortunate few whose life is not threatened by the specter of imminent hunger without employ of some variety. Our island is very much a walled state in the old tradition, numerous palatial estates, comfortable and expansive villas and residences, occupied by an eclectic mix of professionals, retirees, financial and socially established families, surrounded by ancillary farms, business establishments, and sufficient itinerant personnel to  service such a  top heavy construct. The major industry is tourism, which to be honest is no actual independent industry at all, simply an extension of the environs demanded by the resident echelon. The shops, taverns, hotels, restaurants would remain largely unchanged without visitors should the commercial ever heart cease to beat, except perhaps in volume and wait time.

I do not paint this picture with any sense of praise or agreement, rather the accepting perspective of reality and the nature of life itself. The twenty first century is no closer to the espoused theoretic ideal of equality than was the sixteenth century renaissance.  Humanity has tasted commonality in all its many shapes and shades and has largely pronounced that goal factious at minimum.

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