9th June 2020

The Strange History and Legend of the Moran Moor

Extract Seventeen. Traces,  The Search for Validation

Some one hundred and twelve meters below the Cascade falls, sheltered by the overhanging rockface still remain the stump holes marking the location of the first permanent shelter  constructed by  Julien Lasalle-Bargossa, known somewhat fantastically  as the ‘Moran Moor’, the first winter following his shipwreck upon the isle now known as Orcas.  It was to this rough built cabin that he led his love Čəse’lqeel’č and their infant daughter Łixwlqeel’č the following spring upon her return from the mainland. The location is ideal, perfectly drinkable water fresh melted from the ice pack high above, abundant localized game, sufficiently distant from nearby deer trails to make discovery unlikely, all but invisible even from the ledges from but a few meters above.

One can only imagine the confused and excited sign conversation that must first passed between new father and mother, relaying one to the other all that had transpired since Julien watched two Moons climb aboard the war canoe almost a year preciously. Greeting not only his long-departed partner but also their swaddled shared daughter must have been a truly surreal experience, one to be accepted, absorbed, exalted and finally wholeheartedly celebrated.

We must consider the many tragedies of Julien’s past life, the loss of his mother to illness so soon after his birth, the absent nature of his father, a man most difficult to follow or live up, the hardships experienced during schooling and maritime training, the kinsman ship and then  tragic loss of his one true friend Aqantie’wit, all whilst fighting  and eventually overcoming the formidable disability of dumbness to fully appreciate how overwhelming the realization of his new situation and responsibilities must  have seemed. Perhaps we may thankfully conclude that having risen high and free of so many seemingly impossible obstacles he was blessed to have found in Two Moons a partner capable of the support and companionship he had so long and rightly deserved. Sufficient to say that when in the late summer Čəse’lqeel’č once more was obliged to return to her fathers longhouse a further increase in the Samish peoples was safely on its way, a bundle of joy to be birthed during the early winters snows and named Nəth’əsqwuqwul, First Sun.

Our fist couple’s relationship continued in its unusual but successful path for a number of years, and for several winters their brood increased steadily. Still few direct questions were asked, and for their part Čəse’lqeel’č and her maiden companions offered even less answers. The nature of existences flow seemed quite perfect, happy and healthy children were produced in abundance, Two Moons blossomed from a mother of children to become the mother of her people. But for the sudden arrival and interference of the outsiders life would have remained idyllic.

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