The Relative Irrelevance of Evolutionary Development to Survival

During my usual afternoon stroll I was led to ponder the similarities between the present predicament and our ancestors first interactions with a planet to them as yet unknown. When humankind parted from his fellow apes and staggered carefully from beneath the green canopy to venture upon the plains he must have been consumed by fears and trepidations beyond all understanding. Each rock, bush, clump of undergrowth must have filled him with dark dread at what dangers might be concealed within their shadows. Mankind was a peaceable creature, neither naturally violent nor physically equipped for such activity. Till his unusual intelligence and ingenuity allowed the construct of weapons of defense and attack, he was largely a walking larder for the true predators of the planet.

Soon mankind will again venture forth into the open, leaving the security of caves more luxurious than earlier manifestations to reclaim the surface. Problematically this time the predators are not obvious or visually threatening, but rather are all but invisible, undetectable and all too alarmingly secreted upon and within our fellow creatures.

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