31st January 2020

I awoke today with my ears ringing from the beat of a thousand raindrops drumming steadily upon the roof above. Some might find that sound disappointing or disconcerting, I have always found the rain consoling, enveloping, protecting, resembling a beloved and treasured security blanket, a phantasmagoria of childlike emotions.

My homeland is a place of rain, of moisture, blessed with a seeming endless array of flora, in every imaginable shade and color, to include an array of green beyond the imagination and palate of any artist.

Life experience is by nature progressive, ever moving forward at a pace controlled by factors beyond out own control. Sometimes tediously slowly, often in sudden leaps and bounds, but never ever does life revert backward.  I have followed this precept since adolescence, sought new and illuminating perspectives, wandered far, tasting and digesting every happenstance and panorama.

Imagine my wonderment when I discovered upon this singular isle a shade of emerald never previously spied, a hue not even soliloquized in the fabled forty shades of Éire.

The color is beyond description, is  supremely transitory,  appears momentarily following sudden, inexplicable, but desperately needed  summer cloudbursts,  after the heavy autumnal and winter soakings following several days of uninterrupted precipitation, along the sodden edges of recently flooded streams, ponds and lakes, and upon trees, encircling trunks, clambering precariously along branches, clinging doggedly to twig and shoot, and vibrantly carpeting the moist clinging forest floors as far as the eye travels.

Minty, mossy, vibrant, moist, dank, boggy, squelchy, quaggy, slimy, all words to describe a condition, a feeling, an emotion, a state of mind and in this instance a color, a shade, a hue. An appearance more spiritual than visual, an apparition to be experienced as strongly as perceived, a manifestation wholly beguiling when observed.

I have tried desperately to capture this phenomenon, immortalize an image that is more emotion that optic. To date I have performed dismally in this quest yet find failure oddly satisfying. Perhaps perfection is not meant to be recorded for prosperity.

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