11th May 2022

I find myself fighting against invisible forces, unrecognized enemies. foes who never entered my vision before. They are natural and internal, beasts that abide within, lucking, waiting patiently for an opportunity to out and cause all manner of ills.

All challengers I meet equally, in the same old way, head on, eyes fiery, expression fixed, willing to give a little beggarly, but not too much, for pride must always be permitted his opportunity to momentary reign. Eventual defeat is assured, for all must meet oblivion in the end, ‘tis the quality of that meeting that reflects well or badly.

I try not to lose hope, for to do so seems a terrible waste of all the effort I have spent over the years playing against the odds, somewhat successfully. To go down fighting for breath as ironic, considering that was is how I begun this belated part of my journey.

Seems a lifetime ago, being replumed by a very clever man, being gifted a lease anew, more than my behaviors end worth derived. Praise be for extra innings.

10th May 2022

My voice on most moral issues is controlled by my sensibilities, putting brakes on those unnecessarily judgmental, inflammatory, highly pointed personal opinions that have no place in a balanced, well mannered, empathetic debate. We all hold such inner turmoil’s in our heart and soul, for those are the places best suited to protect such inflammatory views from exposure to what must be a wholly ethical, philosophic, process.

I am ever most careful to separate morality and ethical considerations, the two have little in common, are generally drawn for very differing perspectives, and are often opposing in reference, and conclusion.

Ethics are inborn, natural, knowing right from wrong. We all have ethics, whether we choose to consult them, or no. Morals are leaned, acquired via education, Indoctrination, exterior pressures.

Understanding the difference is fundamental to any question posed in an enlightened modern committed society.

9th May 2022

Unfortunately, I have no crystal ball to advise me the outcome of oncoming debates and votes, the darkness that infects you, my beloved brothers, and sisters, has spread most alarmingly to mine portal also, leaving us all equally blind. No matter, surprise has two options, positive or negative, those results is gallingly abstract, sometimes pleasing, occasionally disappointing. The wonderous thing about questions of ethics is that there no correct answers, just timely ones, and what is right for today is probably wholly wrong for tomorrow.

My own beliefs have always intimated that the best course of action is to leave nothing to chance, to see an idea, process, plan, through from beginning to end of as soon as is practical. Leaving matters unresolved in the hands of an elected judiciary, however reasonable and empathetic, is risking fundamental decisions upon possible changes heart, shifting societal circumstances, and unfortunate political fickleness of people who possess power and unnatural influence.

8th May 2022

“The trouble with all this battling over rights, is that there is no time left for poetry”. So spoke Cardinal Angelo Voiello to the cloistered Sisters of the Monastery of Sainte Therese just prior to his enforced resignation as Carmerlengo and Cardinal Secretary of State.

Fictional characters quite often utter the truths life does not allow to be spake  by us mere creatures of reality. Indeed, in the hustle and bustle of combat, physical and spiritual, the poetic muse loses any semblance of a place in the conversation.

Was a timer heralds, those overseers of all things combative, were required to espouse in verse.  A requirement ensuring their number included the most well educated of souls, best suited to be the arbitrators over the most violent of exchanges. Present day bickering has done away with such niceties, statements are now shouted, spat, issued with invective, aurally most distressing.

“Methinks, I do protest to much”. Apologies to William Shakespeare for the purposeful misquote of Hamlet. Act lll, scene ii.

7th May 2022

Behold the realization of three simple truths. Leopards are genetically incapable of changing their spots, even the most commendably exalted varieties; individuals tell untruths frequently, easily, believably, especially when being examined for eligibility for a permanent position they have always desired to fulfill, proving the maxim that the very best candidates are inevitably enforced; given an opportunity any human can be trusted, indeed expected, to take every opportunity to stab their most fervent opponents in the vitals for the slightest of perceived wrongs, revenge is the most delicious of motivations.

Two further truths whilst I am emboldened. The continuing, unmitigating gullibility of population, and the untrustworthiness of representatives expected to speak for them are matters of comprehensive record, chiseled for all to peruse into the pillars marking the entryway to any prospective democracy. An election for life should be reserved for those without authority. Just honorary icons, pretty but totally pointless luminescence’s.

6th May 2022

There is a strange disconnect amongst progressives that suggests evolution is somehow predictable, automatic, assured, impossible to reverse, temporarily or permanently. Darwinism do seem to confirm that physically such a premise is correct, but matters of conscience, opinion, belief are for more transitory and prone to sudden and extreme resets, against the tides of time, sensibility, and progress.

Such recessions can be diagnosed as symptoms of fear, concern for loss of power, influence, control. They particularly relate to matters of developing sensibility, when the new generations are inclined to lead the past by weight of numbers, or intellectual clarity, dragging their predecessors shadowy viewpoint into the glaring brilliance a better and more enlightened present.

Such anomalous setbacks will in good measure be addressed, corrected, for progress is a river that untimely flows but in one direction, overcoming obstacles, dams, natural or constructed from gathered detritus. Truth is remarkably resilient and lumined.

5th May 2022

I am sort of a stickler when it comes to facts, I am quite happy to argue views, observations, possibilities, but facts remain a stretch too far, the word describing the entity quite perfectly, indefatigable. Rumor has ever been a challenge for humanity, we do like to spread gossip, oblivious of any truth. The point of inuendo is vagary, to sketch rather than etch, suggest without exactitude or constraint.

The gossip sheets were eye candy for the commoner, an insight into lives quite beyond the average souls capacity or understanding, an insight into the heady realms of the wealthy, privileged, powerful. The unsold copies of newsprint was used to wrap fresh cooked fish and chips, the rag-paper soaking up excess grease quite nicely. Once unwrapped upon a table it was quite acceptable to eat the piping hot faire with fingertips, perusing the now visible headlines with delight and fascination before binning the whole without a second thought.

How much better the world if we treated internet accounts with equal disposability.

4th May 2022

Upon occasion an apology of sorts will come floating into my earshot, heartfelt no doubt, but to the world’s leading expert on calculated utterances, quite suspicious, highly questionable. I nobly avoid judging peoples actions, their words, but their motives are fair game for my ever-ready bow and arrow.

Remembrances, particularly of things forgot or purposefully set aside, reemerge in response to triggers, happenstances, vaguely or starkly familiar, echoing disconcerting emotions and situations, and will wholly discombobulate the new persona gods and mortals are so fond of creating and suffusing in the most trying or uncomfortable moments throughout their lives.

Such creations are generally theatrical, convoluted, capable of momentary adjustment, remolding, and will necessary eventually become a potpourri of all manner of obtuseness and adverse iconography. Such convolutions are of course predictable, for fictions are by necessity elaborate, needing at their core to hide a truth that would utterly destroy the point of the entire work.

My initial reaction to a person suffering an awakening, suddenly remerging from their construct, is to be openly affirming, accepting of their new nature, this iguana like metamorphosis. Questioning would simply frighten the already startled lamb away, better to open the pasture gate and allowing some restful grazing to ease the nervous creatures trepidations. Nine times out of ten this sudden straying onto my pasture will be in error, a miscalculation, and they will excuse themselves or simple vanish back to their alternate universe.

Stay or go, no skin of my nose, my connections were succinctly severed previous, a shepherd do not weep over the joint crisping nicely in a strangers oven.

Remain and you will find me unaltered, I am exactly whom I created half a century ago, bland, innocuous, purposefully neutral, a personality without form of particular perspective, fixed but changeable, a man for all seasons.

3rd May 2022

My waking hours can easily become obsessive. When we find ourselves with an abundance of free time and very little duty to fill the space the slightest task must become very important, vital, significant beyond any realistic measure, to make any real purpose of existence.

There are a bare minimum of elements a humans life must possess in order to be accepted, reconcilable as a responsible members of the species. These functions are fairly minimal, to include the upkeep of nourishment and hydration, an adequacy of shelter against climatic and bestial challenge, a skill, and a modicum of sociability to avoid the ever-poised menace of craziness.

There are of course numerous minor requirements like cleanliness, which whilst perhaps not per se necessary would soon make matters like nutrition and positive interaction most problematic to accomplish successfully. Noticeably functions are truly personal, for humans have no slot within nature, we are redundant, purposeless, beyond looking pretty and causing irritation.

2nd May 2022

Many an individual is under the misconception that the finances they contribute to the nation through tax and levy gives then some sort of right to control the manner in which said monies are utilized or redistributed. Such is most decidedly not the case, neither in principle or effect, for democracy just doesn’t work that way. We elect representatives to govern over our administrative and legal institutions, giving they the power to put in place whatever measures they see fit between one electoral period and the next, including the use of all monies contained within the state coffers, however collected.

Taxes are not gifts, nor loans, they are the price we pay for admittance to a peoples, a society, an idea, a construct, a system. Without that largesse the structure cannot function, exist, continue, flourish, survive. A cohesive federation requires funds to proffer measures supporting, protecting, and enabling its inhabitants, inclusively within the modern understanding of nationhood.

Taxes are the life blood of sovereignty.