13th March 2023

The individual should take pride in kinds of productive activity, physical and intellectual, the difference is mostly insignificant. The manual laborer has the advantage of seeing an article, a product, develop under the guidance of their digits and controlled tools, but the intellectual clearly comprehends that such activity only transpires as the result of previous thorough thought and consideration.

Thought and activity have been unavoidable linked since the first human espied a broken branch and adapted the  hunk  into an instrument of percussive use.

12th March 2023

I am fascinated by all processes that automatically favor the status quo. No need to list examples, we all rub shoulders with effects dally, accept then as the price of existing in a conglomerate society with a carefully constructed hierarchy of officials and supposed necessary institutions.  

Independence in civilization is an illusional.

11th March 2023

I have had the most peculiar few days, when everything in the personal orchard has effectively sprung into growth, blossomed, and flowered. producing the most sumptuous fruit. This is not a state of that rests easily upon the conscience of the average soul.

As a race we are accustomed to trials and tribulations, having so struggle to move forward in any practical way. Straightforwardness is not a natural part of our view of civilization, we expect hiccups, false starts, roadblocks, seeming endless diversions.

Easy is somehow frightfully concerning.   

10th March 2023

Thanks to the help of a very knowledgeable volunteer I have been able to successfully navigate through the vagaries I have discovered abound most troublesomely within the federal and state health systems.

Till just recently I had succeeded with careful self-management to avoid the necessity of throwing myself onto full mercy of the multifarious systems that aid with medication costs. This was a matter of principle on my part, having decided upon my retirement to avoid if possible adding my personal burden to the already overwhelming cumulative debt.

All went swimmingly well till my latest prescribed heart medication proved to be not only the very finest presently available but also quite extravagantly costly. Unfortunately, the updating of my benefits to cover the additional expense proved quite exceptionally problematic, and without the more than able help I would have sunk beneath the waters of a turbulent administrative whirlpool quite utterly. Assistance do sometimes arrive exactly on queue.  

9th March 2023

Throughout my life I have found it possible, indeed preferable, to have friends and acquaintances of all persuasions, social, political, emotional, and religious. This entertaining mix transpired quite naturally, simply by ever retaining on open mind and accepting folks for the qualities they can bring to the party rather than rejecting them outright from attending for presumed reasons that might stop them gelling..

I personally well and truly hid views that would cause considerable disdain or antipathy from many, but I hold them deeply incommunicado when in unfamiliar company, as we all should do, so can interact and mingle fraternally, at minimum purely superficially.

The world we inhabit is for the good or bad almost equally divided on any multiple levels. Thus some semblance of balance is retained in all things, animal, vegetable and mineral. Social, emotional, and political perspectives follow suit accordingly. The nature of the beast must be accepted in all things. Better to welcome differences willingly, than to reject vainly the inevitable.

8th March 2023

There is a certain words that are sure to offend me, particularly when used by those who have no real concept of the true meaning or dogma.

Rich and poor are just such descriptors, both suggesting conditions that have no real place in todays society. I would accept penniless and wealthy, for those terms catalogue imaginable scenarios, having no loose or spare change is a problem facing many of our peers, and having a bill fold bulging with excess currency is equally well presented.

I do appreciate you may perceive this differentiating as a mere splitting of hairs, so I will  present some evidentiary  reasoning as some slight defense for my supposition.  

Poor, povre in the old Frensh, do suggest being without, having no means of self-support, no assets of any value whatsoever. ‘Tis also quite aptly an indicator of a psychological state, being down and out, beholden to charity, continually hungry, uncomfortable, a sad measure of a human being. The word delvers and justifies stigma, attracts condescension from all levels of the populus, suggests being submissive to everyone above them in the hierarchy,  accumulates  humiliation from all.

Rich can be equally damming and judgmental. Do suggest self-made money, though labor of some ilk. An individual risen from the ranks of the general population, quite possibly having climbed over the backs of others less aggressive and selfish, but whose financial stability depends, and well ever hang upon, momentary good fortune rather than any fixed tangibility.

To be classified as rich do suggests an overabundance of stuffing, perhaps too much sugar, with a flavor that socially and in realty sticks to the roof of the mouth, is most irritatingly, filling any consumer with the unavoidable urge to choke and vomit.

As with many unpleasantries politicians use these words to pigeon hole, categorize, set one group upon another, excuse bad management, poor social practice. There is no real need in this century to have a brackets labelled poor and rich. For creation of the middle class, with applied good social practice should have equalized all into a happy conglomerate of satisfied souls.

7th March 2023

In a most perverse manner, through an unholy amalgam of attraction and revulsion, the universe is obliged to become the very thing it most detests, but secretly admires. The system that governs all runs on pure anarchy, making a mockery of each and every attempt to illustrate any method at the heart of the chaos surrounding us at some completely.

The illusion of sensible continuity has always been our intellectual sanctuary from the conscious abandonment of any hope of a long-term certainty, the utter implausibility of even recognizing or admitting to the possibility of elimination, extinction, substitution, surrogacy.    The thought that this top dog might be just a stepping stone upon the pathway to the great unveiling of a newer improved prime beast, atomical, vegetable, or mechanical, if indeed derived from stock presently occupying this comparatively unimportant spinning sphere lost in the periphery of space and time.

But now I must stop, for such grandiose contemplations are inclined to make my brain hurt.

6th March 2023

I truly do appreciate how easy it is to forget to write, send cheering wishes, even just glance in the right direction to acknowledge a person’s very existence. We all have memory failures, blanks that erase whole sections of the past and the folks we once held most dear.

But I equally recognize it is my fault and do my very best to spend a few moments daily filling in the unfortunate gaps, ‘Tis my duty, my responsibility, to keep memories alive.

5th March 2023

Mid-afternoon I sometimes get strangely tired, not undeservedly, for I have labored quite sufficiently previously to deserve such  a constant state, but equally just without any momentary merit, except of course that a deep understanding of exactly how much total exhaustion a body is capable of enduring.

Weariness like anger, can slowly and almost imperceptibly expands till the weight of a pair of eyelids becomes much more than the strongest and most willful individual can overcome. Best solution, just relax and let few ZZ’s solve the problem.  

4th March 2023

I have long lost the need or desire to see whom reads, admires, or just peruses my works of literature. There was a time when the financial implications of any success of failure made me attend such statistics more eagerly, a payment towards the cost of the next day’s meals do tend to have that effect.

In that period most of my publishing happened on line, through private members sites dealing in particularly specialized genres. I wrote using several different pseudonyms, each name designed to appeal to a specific reader type amongst the multitudes of subscribers.

My first thousand readers caused me considerable excitement, the first hundred thousand great amount of satisfaction. To be honest I paid too much attention to the numbers. Perusing positive statistics is a well very easily fallen into, but in reality a very foolish practice, unnecessarily stroking the ego, and focusing the mind on past success rather than possible future triumph.   

I believe I last checked my readership when the total just had exceeded a million, deciding rather belatedly that perhaps my time would be better spent chasing actual lingual improvement rather than abstract popularity.

I will admit that all the pennies of commission do add up quite nicely, but to be frank I now realize I much prefer to write utterly for my own satisfaction than for any other reason, financial or consequential.