26th July 2021

Humor most certainly helps the universe get along; a little hilarity will often cure the most threatening of scenarios without the need for physical altercation. The nature of the amusement is of course paramount in delivering the correct balm to antagonism, something suitably incontrovertible, bland in tone and nature, acceptable to the better sensibilities of all parties. Risqué is best avoided in mixed company, the delicacies of the differing gender and age groupings being not generally communally shared. We all enjoy vulgarity to some degree, bishop actress anecdotes generally titillating most every palate, but any more course tales are best kept within defined social musters.

Spiteful humor should be avoided at all times, jests particularly pointed, inclined, indeed intended to single out specific individuals or sets, cause personal insult and ridicule. Historically japes are often based upon physical attributes, differences, and most hurtful if spake inconsiderately, a reasoning for the newish most necessary implementation of political correctness.

25th July 2021

I have always enjoyed the celebration of joyous events, particularly those that represent the culmination of some heroic event or circumstance. Such occasions warrant our full attention and participation, for they have changed history and lives eternally.

Perhaps antisocially I am not so inclined to commemorate or attend less meaningful happenstances, as important as they may appear to be to those immediately involved. Such moments are not inclined to change the annals of advancing time for those any of us any distance from the epicenter of interrelated events, today and in the future.

My attitude is totalitarian, I avoid celebratory days of mine own with the same absolutism as I do others, in actuality I am far more inclined to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, promotion, new relationship, that I am of mine own. The world is too complex and fragile to spend time and resources marking singular events that have little to no effect on any phenomenon beyond the local and immediate.

24th July 2021

‘Twas my weekly jaunt into town today, to include a pleasant cup of coffee in company of a chum, and a wander in the market to provision my somewhat depleted larder.

My usual mile or of walking was depleted a little having made a fairly late start out, just after 1.00 PM, and my dear friend has already almost made the drive up the hill towards my abode. As ever I was more than happy to climb aboard the custard express and settle back in a cushioned seat to watch in luxurious comfort as the furlongs flew by beneath the extremely well ribbed tires.  

We took coffee in a repurposed café which we had ceased to frequent some time ago for reasons of regret but has now recovered much of its previous charm. The servers make a most excellent mocha, extremely chocolatey, and sitting upon the veranda, ears belabored by the occasionally discordant sounds of a modern jazz band, is a most pleasant way to spend an hour on a sunny afternoon, necessarily exchanging local and national gossip as we are all inclined to do on occasion.  

A quick sortie to a local farm stand to acquire some rather plump zucchini was next on the ‘me and you’, involving a small circuitous procession towards the island golf course then, green squash safely in hand, a return back to town itself.

The market is a remarkable facility, containing a wondrous supply of all kinds of groceries, bakery items, produce fresh and frozen, meat and fish, and ancillary daily needs and wants. Heavily crowded throughout tourist season, the owning family also keep stocks and staffing most respectably high during off season, solely for the benefit of just we lucky locals, a real boon to the community, especially during spells of inclement weather when the stores interior becomes in all honesty the social beating heart of the island. Unfortunately, some of the employees, through no fault of their own, have been exposed to possible contact infection, a risk service workers deal with on a daily basis in our cruel new world. Hopefully they will be fully cleared by the testing so considerately and quickly arranged by the management, and their missed smiling faces will be back in situ shortly.

23rd July 2021

What value do you place on promises? How much faith is weighted in a bond?  I avoid making pledges, long term commitments that can so easily be made impossible or unlikely by adverse circumstance or chance. For tomorrow I will make account, for a weeks’ time perhaps an undertaking, but further into the future is far too arbitrarily likely to include unexpected alterations for my conscience to allow for vows.

Disappointments wound me, stab me quite as intensely as a sharply thrust poniard. My hide bears scars from many such casually given assurances, not singularly disabling, but in unison debilitating enough to make me hesitant to show my non-cuirassed back to any but my closest allies. In accord I avoid undertaking arrangements that risk incompletion, both as a kindness to other parties and to myself, for having given oath I am obliged by honor to move heaven and earth to facilitate any concord.

These observations can date me, reduce my agreeability, and reflected affability, but such is the asking price of integrity.

22nd July 2021

My community is permeated with fear, concern for the safety of neighbors, fellow islanders, whom having religiously taken every precaution over the previous seventeen months are sadly suddenly faced with the prospect of an upsurge in our susceptibility to contagion with COVID 19 and its variants.

All precautions included many a week of almost complete isolation, as proscribed by the county medical authority, a very gradual relaxation with the precautionary use of face masks, social distancing, and that most noticeable degree of self-policing than is ever present in any close-knit colony of caring residents, ensuring any failure in aligning with the social need for care and attention is called out, firstly with good heart, but on occasion perhaps quite belligerently.

We lucky few, we Orcasonians, live enclosed in a kind of twenty-first century theme park, surrounded much of the time by paying visitors. Guests whom are most welcome to support our local economy, but not infringe upon the sanctity of our existence with the import of disease and poor behaviors.

21st July 2021

It is most wonderful having the good fortune to live upon an island that is to all intense and purposes many outsiders idea of an idyll, a place they would happily settle in a heartbeat should such a possibility be made available. Those of us who are lucky residents are of course aware of the few but important negatives that exist  along with the undoubted abundance of positives, the elevated costs of almost everything, the sad lack of adequate medical facilities for even the permanent native, the mounting difficulties of travelling to and from the mainland should that prove a necessity, and of course that most annoying influx of temporary visitors throughout a vacation season that now seems to run form Easter through to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Personally, I find the advantages of being an accepted local face outweigh in ever department the negatives of living upon such a popular vacation destination. But still I moan, complain, bellyache, for that is my right, my function, my duty as a fully paid-up member of the torch and pitchfork community.

20th July 2021

I am find the modern times constant pandering’s of self-gratification highly uncomfortable. The media, the news, the screens, are festooned by individuals focused of praising their own qualities, accomplishments, abilities, acclaim that even if in some small part justified is guaranteed to leave a most unpleasant taste at the back of the throat. Finding someone attractive whose life is built around the imagined positive reflection coming from their bathroom mirror is difficult in the extreme, especially considering any honest soul with the slightest degree of integrity is anything but comfortable with the image they perceive staring back. Our own eyes cannot deny the obvious we perceive, incising directly to the truth lurking within, are witness to the darkness we all must possess deep in our core, resultant from the time spent fraternizing, interacting, surviving the negative contamination so often oozing from the pores of others of our species.

Confidence is rewarded religiously whether it is the result of honesty or deception, we learn at an amazingly young age that a positive exterior appearance can disguise the most miniscule or heinous of lies beneath the pretense of   assurance, that conviction suggests or even proves trustworthiness. Once our peers gain a full measure of belief in our unswerving honesty we can instigate most any intrigue that suits our design and purpose.

A universal manipulative game of confidence trickery, with segment after segment attempting, succeeding, in conning, fooling the adjacent, through the graphic presentation of characteristics society has deemed suitable in a person of integrity, a natural born leader, a superior person in all forms and considerations.

The nature of a title, a simplistic label, is wholly adequate to commence the process. A doctor has more kudos than a clerk, an officer more panache than the citizen, the process of dissimulation unfolds from afar, without substance, by suggestion or well fruited rumor, managing the remodeling of the mundane to the heroic in a homage to the delusory nature of the chimera.

19th July 2021

Take a glance around the average public scene and tell me what you see painted upon the faces of the miscellaneous persons therein gathered, and of course the answer is ostentatious drama. Admittedly not as thickly coated as was consistently present before the great pandemic, for isolation do tend to dilute virulent exhibitionism. Quite surprising considering the comforting diet of professional playacting perceived in movies, television, family acrimony, etcetera, those being the normal panaceas taken to nullify the eternal boredom of quarantine.

But recovery from the plague is upon us, and the unfortunate social pattern of physically and verbally acting out is rising once again, even amongst supposedly sensible older adults, to levels once considered societally unacceptable for even those of age groupings child through adolescent. I find this need for acrimony and aggression most perplexing, neither serving any useful purpose, in actuality being decidedly counterproductive towards any positive outcome. Theater is best kept within the bounds of the hippodrome.

18th July 2021

We become seduced by the authority we are given, imagining that to be real ascendancy, when in fact the only true power exists within, separate, aloof, able to survive in solitude, abandonment, and under persecution.

Dominance that is given is loaned, shared between master, and knowing underling, has no particular boundaries or rules, except for those agreed betwixt the parties, guide lines strictly followed as if a script for successful interrelations, intimacy, common purpose. Such connections are inclined to be tenuous, easily fragmentable by a changing of the circumstances that created, aided, assisted the original accommodation.

Laypersons imagine that it is easier to be the eight percent that the ninety two percent, to be the lord or lady rather than the servant, to be the governor not the follower, when in actuality both are codependent and can only function comfortably when harnessed adjacent between their relevant shafts. Please take note that dispositions of such labels are gender neutral, to the constant dismay of traditionalists whom derive some sort of fetishistic satisfaction from belittling the feminine whilst overly espousing the masculine. They claim that historically the male had been more assertive and directive, qualities they suppose are the ideal to manufacture dominion, a horribly superficial understanding of the fundamental principles of power exchange. A better understanding would be accomplished by studying the relationship between mother and offspring, a uniquely crafted alignment of authority and service in equal measure and balanced carefully as purpose and circumstance demand.

Humans being largely beasts share with their animal counterparts the small proviso that all power exchanges are to a large degree based upon sexual desire and practices, as is most every other important facet existent under creation. So we are presented generally with an active spam for homo sapiens of between the ages of man from two to six, age one being largely asexual, age six and beyond declining if not decrepit. Stepping outside these parameters when employing persons for positions of authority is most unfortunate and likely to result in agist anti-developmental social scenarios. Always rely for instruction on those looking forward rather than those looking back longingly, experience cannot replace or supersede physical capability, no matter those advances in medical practice and available chemicals our foolish pride would have us believe.

Most of life’s guiding principles, systems, organizations, conform to the geometric pattern of the upstanding triangle, a wide base with opposing ends extending upwards to meet as a point far, far above. The particular shape has represented power from time immemorial. A hieroglyphic, the mathematical symbol for the perfect disposition of all structures within human society. Hence the ancient pyramid, the overpowering phalanx, every model for institutions no matter culture or age, a continuous representation of the harmony between   need and practicality, as imagined by the best sensibilities of the alpha species of our planet.

We exist most contentedly in a construct of our own chosen design.

17th July 2021

Being empathetic does not necessarily require absolute agreement of principles, feelings, emotions, rather it suggests the ability to show kindness in the face of a peers anguish. Not being neutral, passive, rather overly supportive, that would suggest some degree of mirroring, reflection, and the simplistic sharing of troubles but doubles their intensity. It is decidedly human to show empathy without being sympathetic.

I like the comparative neighborliness, for does not that intent fulfill all the needs of decency, humanity, support, tolerance, and tenderness, that the sharing of deep and truthful understanding requires. The ability to sometimes say or do nothing, to just be the lintel, a spar, tree like, an umbrella helping to shield, to protect equitably, with consideration and compassion.

Sensitivity is expressed by not being combative, choosing to pass on points of conflict, particularly words that might easily cause divisiveness. Humanitarianism is but the cotton wool protecting a piece of precious porcelain, the Id.