5th May 2022

I am sort of a stickler when it comes to facts, I am quite happy to argue views, observations, possibilities, but facts remain a stretch too far, the word describing the entity quite perfectly, indefatigable. Rumor has ever been a challenge for humanity, we do like to spread gossip, oblivious of any truth. The point of inuendo is vagary, to sketch rather than etch, suggest without exactitude or constraint.

The gossip sheets were eye candy for the commoner, an insight into lives quite beyond the average souls capacity or understanding, an insight into the heady realms of the wealthy, privileged, powerful. The unsold copies of newsprint was used to wrap fresh cooked fish and chips, the rag-paper soaking up excess grease quite nicely. Once unwrapped upon a table it was quite acceptable to eat the piping hot faire with fingertips, perusing the now visible headlines with delight and fascination before binning the whole without a second thought.

How much better the world if we treated internet accounts with equal disposability.

4th May 2022

Upon occasion an apology of sorts will come floating into my earshot, heartfelt no doubt, but to the world’s leading expert on calculated utterances, quite suspicious, highly questionable. I nobly avoid judging peoples actions, their words, but their motives are fair game for my ever-ready bow and arrow.

Remembrances, particularly of things forgot or purposefully set aside, reemerge in response to triggers, happenstances, vaguely or starkly familiar, echoing disconcerting emotions and situations, and will wholly discombobulate the new persona gods and mortals are so fond of creating and suffusing in the most trying or uncomfortable moments throughout their lives.

Such creations are generally theatrical, convoluted, capable of momentary adjustment, remolding, and will necessary eventually become a potpourri of all manner of obtuseness and adverse iconography. Such convolutions are of course predictable, for fictions are by necessity elaborate, needing at their core to hide a truth that would utterly destroy the point of the entire work.

My initial reaction to a person suffering an awakening, suddenly remerging from their construct, is to be openly affirming, accepting of their new nature, this iguana like metamorphosis. Questioning would simply frighten the already startled lamb away, better to open the pasture gate and allowing some restful grazing to ease the nervous creatures trepidations. Nine times out of ten this sudden straying onto my pasture will be in error, a miscalculation, and they will excuse themselves or simple vanish back to their alternate universe.

Stay or go, no skin of my nose, my connections were succinctly severed previous, a shepherd do not weep over the joint crisping nicely in a strangers oven.

Remain and you will find me unaltered, I am exactly whom I created half a century ago, bland, innocuous, purposefully neutral, a personality without form of particular perspective, fixed but changeable, a man for all seasons.

3rd May 2022

My waking hours can easily become obsessive. When we find ourselves with an abundance of free time and very little duty to fill the space the slightest task must become very important, vital, significant beyond any realistic measure, to make any real purpose of existence.

There are a bare minimum of elements a humans life must possess in order to be accepted, reconcilable as a responsible members of the species. These functions are fairly minimal, to include the upkeep of nourishment and hydration, an adequacy of shelter against climatic and bestial challenge, a skill, and a modicum of sociability to avoid the ever-poised menace of craziness.

There are of course numerous minor requirements like cleanliness, which whilst perhaps not per se necessary would soon make matters like nutrition and positive interaction most problematic to accomplish successfully. Noticeably functions are truly personal, for humans have no slot within nature, we are redundant, purposeless, beyond looking pretty and causing irritation.

2nd May 2022

Many an individual is under the misconception that the finances they contribute to the nation through tax and levy gives then some sort of right to control the manner in which said monies are utilized or redistributed. Such is most decidedly not the case, neither in principle or effect, for democracy just doesn’t work that way. We elect representatives to govern over our administrative and legal institutions, giving they the power to put in place whatever measures they see fit between one electoral period and the next, including the use of all monies contained within the state coffers, however collected.

Taxes are not gifts, nor loans, they are the price we pay for admittance to a peoples, a society, an idea, a construct, a system. Without that largesse the structure cannot function, exist, continue, flourish, survive. A cohesive federation requires funds to proffer measures supporting, protecting, and enabling its inhabitants, inclusively within the modern understanding of nationhood.

Taxes are the life blood of sovereignty.

1st May 2022

The First of May, the very heart of Floralia, the ancient Roman festival honoring Flora, goddess of youth, Spring, and flowers. Combining in Britain quite neatly with the pagan festival of Beltane, the two becoming bound together in a joyous and colorful celebration of renewal and sexual maturity, a commemoration of the coming of summertime and plenty. The raising of maypoles, great gatherings for dancing, feasting, singing, and dancing are the norm in the old world, for primitive remembrances are allowable in cultures that are inclusive rather than exclusive, superior, condemnably liable to discrimination and bigotry.

As with all other religious and social freedoms the celebration of May Day was considered profane by the Pilgrim Fathers, whom saw religious and moral principle from a very narrow perspective, the one particularly imbedded by their Puritan heritage, setting notions of right and wrong directly opposing the indigenous peoples whose less proscribed beliefs naturally were inclusive of seasonal connectivity’s.

30th April 2022

Invective individuals, particularly politicians, become incensed by comparisons, that their thoughts, and suggestions might exactly reflect negative values than were explored, endured, and rejected by the wisdom of history.

Historical fact is a most profound educational tool, reflecting events and activities that directly molded the development of the humanity and their home, the Earth.  The word fact is most important, for persons from the past and regrettably in the present venture to rearrange the truth to fit their particular persuasion. This is the negative known as propaganda, a rather pleasant term for consciously lying to twist factuality to suit ignorance, bigotness, and bias.

Beware the intellectual, they can transform the clearest of water to murky soup to further ideals. Compare censorship to governmental overreach and they will cry foul, claiming circumstance ever allows for ambiguity. Book burning does not reflect the extremes of the Nazi party, rather a most convenient paper disposal method.

29th April 2022

I sleep far too much, enjoy the land of nod with a degree of glee not fitting for a reasonably healthy soul. The ability to curl up on my cot at any given moment, whether fatigued or not, and dissolve into luxurious repose is not popularly a matter for congratulation. But I feel no shame, no urge to refrain from the practice. My conscience, like my dreams, is remarkably clear of troubling factors, rather is soothingly quietening, embalming.

This new found ability to relax is disconcerting. For a person becomes used to being pressured to perform, be productive, vigorous, prolific. For why? Because that is the message we are constantly sold, that life is serious, requiring effort, attention, complicity. Not enough just to be, but vital to be something, anything, embroiled. With little time for anything but the doing, interacting with the grand design, that most irrational and impersonal of concepts

My snoozing is my manner of disassociating from such heady and unrealistic ideas, remaining singular as opposed to integrated.

28th April 2022

Balance is a wonderous thing, aiding our existence in a myriad of ways each and every moment. The very ability to remain upright when standing on our hind legs is quite remarkable, as is similarly the able to carry a water filled goblet without spilling the contents at every step. The most base form of architecture must incorporate the art to ensure erections remain satisfactorily upright, allowing us to shelter within the interior for protection and comfort.

All these examples fully illustrate the physical properties of balance, but the psychological, the emotional are subtler and require a deeper consideration to fully understand the vital nature such a simple equipoising tool plays in humanities continued survival and prosperity. Every challenge, and life if nothing else is continually testing, requires evaluation, choice, appraisal, the full impartiality, levelness of well-balanced contemplation.

That the physical and emotional skills should have appeared and prospered in such obvious collusion is probably quite telling.

27th April 2022

There is something very exhilarating about the arrival of parcels from carriers, even though the majority of the goods there enclosed I ordered myself. I am also an enthusiastic tracker of orders, following their journeys across country with as keen an interest as the onlooker at a horse race course. My only disappointment is that weekends are so regularly positioned to interrupt my receipts, I gave up worrying about such outdated notions as fixed days off long ago, ‘tis about time the commercial world caught up with my modernity.

Virtually any product can be ordered on line, the internet is indeed a wonderous beast, the only requirement from me is gold to exchange for goods and a modicum of patience to wait a few days for transportation. A dear friend of mine even orders her meat, fish, and vegetables from a delivery agency. I have refrained from such a move currently, liking to peruse cunsumables in real time at the most well stocked local market.

Sociability is the one item still unavailable, perhaps deliver a pal will soon appear too.

26th April 2022

‘Twas a time in the ancient world when withdrawing to the sanctity of a cave deep in the mountains was considered a quite reasonable answer to the effects of melancholia. Human contact serves little purpose if a lack of necessity for such interaction exists, for any real interplay must have some degree of positivity or simply expands the cloak of gloom.

Despondency arises from hopelessness, an inability to affect, move, interest self or peers. The world is populated by self-absorbed, independent, unfettered souls, whom have willingly or by duress shrugged off the desire for the shade of companionship, any relief from the glare of singularity within the shield of likened souls.

The hermit, recluse, might choose solitude for a variety of reasons, ineffability, weariness of nature, avoidance of intimacy, asceticism.   All symptoms of a fear of humanity, a desire for emotional self-preservation. Be aware of windows and doors, if their chamber permits light, even occasionally, then the closeting is protectionist rather than jettisoning.