16th September 2022

Whilst out and about today, I as unfortunate enough to witness the sight and sound of a adult male and his mother bickering most excruciatingly about very little at all. Being a reasonably polite and private individual I did my very best not to listen, to filter out the snide and disrespectful conversation, which heavens above well knows should never ever transpire in a situation likely and infringe the space and peaceful harmony of others.

I can recall to my deep regret having a one such disagreement with mine own beloved mother, thankfully in a most private and secure location, and still to this day shudder at my bad taste in speaking with antagonism to the woman who bore me and had the consideration and kindness to deal with my childhood, in  all its petulance and neediness.

Perhaps is it a cultural trait so put respect and gratitude above all else in dealing with forebears, but in my estimation not a bad one. For we owe all we are to our antecedents and their considerable labor is dragging us screaming and bemoaning into the present.

15th September 2022

Recorded history is a litany of familial upset and division. Myth and legend favor the more animus examples of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters turning inward against one and other in search for power, influence, control and favor, We are bedeviled as a species with examples of fratricide, maternal and paternal cruelty and inconsideration, sisterly conniving and unscrupulousness, the most pointed array of bad and inappropriate models imaginable, sufficient to extinguish any positive nuance that might have be probable or possible.

We are a carnivorous race, as likely to happily consume kin as foe, but one spate of ravenousness from cannibalistic inclination and frenzy. Consumers of flesh and souls concurrently, absorbing calory and intellect contemporaneously, we build our mightiest constructs using the rib bones of contemporaries as scaffolding.

Many might conjecture humans know better. Ethically and morally, that may be true, but integrally we remain as much beasts as when first we crawled from the amphibian mire.

14th September 2022

The human species in largely predictable, naturally failing into easily predeterminable groupings in attitude, behavior, and reaction. These patterns are rarely the least part original, stemming as they do from long ranging directives genetically imprinted in the core of this sole surviving variant.

Long term survival does not encourage experimentation, rather a grinding sameness with the slight improvement’s heredity development is certain to install. No sudden leaps, astonishing awakenings, for those present risks equal to, if not exceeding, any new possibilities.

Successful life is slovenly, dragging heels on the tedious march to an imagined secure future. And ever remains imperiled by the increasingly unpredictable nature of realty, by the constant imminent threat of some cataclysmic collision with meteor or asteroid.

Like our far distant ancestors we do abide each night with our eyes glued upon the heavens above, in wonder and fear quite equally.

13th September 2022

I come from a nation with a long and well described history, where ne’er a happenstance is either unique or unheralded. Every circumstance has ready precedent, a legion of references available and well catalogued for novice or inquisitive enquirer. Quite often my eyes stray for exemplar, the correct form, criterium, paradigm.   This is not to belittle the quality of my upbringing, rather to indicate the importance of a predictability in response to avoid offence or insult being erroneously given.

Politeness, civility, is the ultimate safeguard against to catastrophic sin of insult, a state which invariable leads to conflict, antagonism. A nation founded with a good understanding of the fundamentals of diplomacy will in general persevere, perhaps under criticism, even being roundly reproached, but largely unmolested, unhindered, remaining sovereign, potent.

Manners maketh man as true today as was when first coined in the work ‘Vulgaria’ by Willam Horman in the mid fifteenth century.

12th September 2022

In my dreams I endure the most terrible catastrophes, embarrassments quite cringeworthy enough to chill the blood and mortify all souls, circumstances that in reality would simply make me shrink into obscurity, ne’er to trouble mortal nor fiend again. Thankfully, such notions fade most satisfactorily, within a minute, an hour, or a day, to be adapted by the imagination into forebodings, pregnant warnings of the very worst actuality might bring.

The wise, lucky, or best advantaged, circumvent such cataclysms from being, ever crossing the treacherous divide betwixt what might be and what is, halting that possibility utterly, erasing the merest whisper of the word calamity.

Like many another I am all too happy abandon unpleasant or nonplussing nighttime imaginings, with little more than a simple shake of the head to successfully expunging any disconcerting remembrance, then pointedly focusing upon the more probable and acceptable alternatives ever existent there or thereabouts.  

11th September 2022

May either be the general passage of time or my own personal aging that make me extraordinary susceptible to noticing the changing circumstances that surround us all on any given day, the occasionally raucous or more often subtle differences that avail the globe we inhabit at seeming every turning.

Tedium was once a bind, but would now be reassuring, as familiarity dissipates from a world lacking any points of steadfastness conducive to continued   human accent.

10th September 2022

Providence arranges for constancies in life, singular objects, events or peoples, whom march alongside,  co-exist,  shadow our fleeting visitation to this mortal tumult, not particularly as companion or associate, rather as a  somewhat cold and  distant onlooker, inclined towards continual distraction and more than occasional off handedness.

Such markers are as much a part of our identity’s more obvious characteristics, but loiter slightly below the surface, observing.  Influencing, manipulating, suborning.

9th September 2022

When world changing events occur it is quite impossible to predict, to foresee, the repercussions that might ensue. Circumstances, events, and extraordinary people are oft unique, the substance that give particular moment shape and texture.

Accordingly, we alter, monetarily, in perpetuity, willing or not, for better or worse.

8th September 2022

There are no rightwing comedians. Poverty and degradation are neither amusing nor worthy of celebration, rather they are cruel and cynical. Making light of, trivializing their effect shows a degree of callousness worthy of a 1930’s Berlin nightclub, where jokes are but excuses for bigotry, prejudice, and   zealotry.

Sueh narrowmindedness, intolerance, does thus far in this 21st century remain impermissible, obnoxious, deplorable, among the thriving masses, necessarily ignoring those dregs of society that will ever exist as collective sores, cankers, upon the exposed posterior.

7th September 2022

I realized I has misplaced my voice immediately. That particular door slammed shut very noisily, please excuse the pun, and with a certainly that no sudden or imminent reversal was likely or even probable. For someone whose life’s work had been underscored by words the effect was met with surprising stoicism, a grudging acceptance that the enforced silence was by far the least disabling of curses that might have been levied. Of the four most obvious senses vocalization does not equate to the value of sight, hearing, or taste and smell. The lack of any of those would render the individual prone to all kind of woes and dangers.

The ability of my voice to penetrate my own thoughts and perspectives was not affected. Found I could still shout inwardly most efficiently, no doubt my temples visibly vibrating from the enclosed cacophony. I did notice some difficulty in spelling, writing, and typing, but concentration and perseverance did suitably   renew these memory and motor skills quite adeptly, to the point where I can somewhat forgive myself any remaining inadequacies.  

The people, all you people, the public in general and at large, friends, acquaintances, medical practitioners, passersby, are truly my angels, the saviors, and continuers of my being, physical, metal, and spiritual. I do hope and pray that at my most difficult, and I could manage to be most extraordinarily testing, I showed the time and patience that has so lavishly been bestowed upon this most fortunate soul.