25th May 2023

Gordon Alexander Farquharson had received his stripe as result of a most unfortunate incident that would eventually lead him to be recruited into the most prestigious and well rewarded position he now found himself fortunate enough to occupy.

Since he and lieutenant Fergus Lothly had first encountered each other in a drunken Glaswegian pub brawl they had managed to stay approximately in touch.   For Fergus this was quite simple, he just had to put a marker of Gordon’s file that ensured he was advised, as a player in the intelligence department of every major or minor activity involving his recently made religious ally.  

Gordon found Fergus’s interest disconcerting, he was used to slipping beneath any supervisory radar, being front and center in an officer’s mind was very must against his usual practice and persuasion.  He liked, indeed courted on invisibility, being nondescript. But this talent was one of the many qualities he possessed that made him perfect for fit for a position and a most useful employee in Lothlys special area of expertise.

In a purely temporary arrangement lance corporal Farquharson was attached to Lothlys staff as driver/minder on a forthcoming trip to Brussels, to meet with me representatives of an eastern European manufacturer and supplier of illegal sustances. Lothly had very recently been promoted to the rank a captain, as a result of some most successful work uncovering clandestine drug use in NATO armed services, a success story that brought Fergus directly into the cross hairs of numerous powerful criminal organizations.

Sure enough, against all sensibilities, Fergus’s enemies decided to instigate a physical assault upon his person during a food stop on the long drive between Callais and Brussels. With Gordons skilled assistance Fergus was able to easily repel the assault by the three perpetrators, Lothly being entirely unharmed, but Gordon receiving a wicked knife slash down the side of the face, aimed, and intended entirely for Fergus’s long-term adornment and benefit. Thus for the second time in short memory Gordon spilt considerable blood in defense of Fergus’s continued good looks. Gordon was owed suitable recompense.

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