23rd May 2023

The mind-blowingly inane reasons for success or failure in the service the state, specifically in the enormous administration necessary to drive and control a modern government to reasonable success and efficiency, has little to do with real ability but a lot to do with an utter lack of ambition and self-interest.  There are ever a few brilliant stars at the tip of the firmament, but the majority of the gathered light comes from an absolute host of lesser bodies suspended almost invisibly in the enjoined skies surrounding. This phalanx of flickering’s supply the daily needs of the multitude, admittedly under the auspices of the high and mighty ones illumination, allowing the scrabbling masses their apparent vistas of possibility and   probability, and to dream vainly of a degree of actual success and authority way beyond their slimmest hopes of fruition.  

The natural shape of affairs is a beehive, with an increased number of royalty, and a commensurate volume of disposable toing and froing insignificant drones and workers inhabiting and servicing the whole space.

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