18th May 2023

Fergus Lothly had instructed Joanna Spivey, his assistant, on three occasions that afternoon to telephone and ask Claudine Millar how exactly the most resplendent luncheon had transpired. Claude was being most difficult to contact, and Fergus’s impatience for an update was growing. To make matter worse Gordon had returned with the limousine some two hours previous, and had already spotlessly polished the vehicles already pristine bodywork when visible to their joint boss from his lounge chair adjacent to the spa’s open air pool. Every ticking second was rousing Ferus’s ire substantially.

From her very knowledgeable perspective Joanna was not terribly surprised by her two amigos inability to be the reached, she was fully aware that they that both had significantly pressing matters on hand and were also entirely capable of being frighteningly vague when large quantities of alcohol were involved, and any lunch at the winery would have necessary supplied quite enough opportunity for getting completely of or partially sozzled.

By her own very high standards Claudine did not feel particularly inebriated, tipsy most definitely, hot and bothered certsinly, but out and out drunk not in the slightest.   The effects of being in close proximity to Zaras most exotic cigarettes, especially in the confines of the limousine, had perhaps delivered some degree of lightheadedness and levity upon her conscience, but these were not a fundamentally unpleasant experiences, and the way Zaras fingers stroked   her hand and wrist quite passionately had decidedly mitigated any negative emotions. The chances of her producing any startling insights that afternoon were unlikely if not impossible, but as the quartet were all definitely inclined towards extreme jollity as they exited Gordon’s chariot, any significant imminent investigative breakthroughs did not seem overly weighty of pressing.

Claudes growing interest if Zara was quite disconcerting for her. Usually she was a women quite capable of making the first move in any circumstances, but exactly how to approach a proud Muslim woman was an a new challenge for her seduction skills.   

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