14th May 2023

Sakeena Basheer displayed not the slightest reaction to the sudden unexplained inclusion of Atsuko in the panel examining her precious testimony. Zara presence and influence was incredibly calming, and the vague somewhat illogical explanation given for the enquirers expansion to include an oriental member was accepted most gracefully.

Atsuko Arimura’s ability to speak a smattering of classical Arabic was a most impressive feat and acknowledged quite clearly the relevance given to the learning and utilizing   of the official Muslim tongue in international affairs and negotiations. A small admission perhaps, but one of incredible import to any member of a proud and eager race seeking global respect and recognition.

 The crafty inclusion of the Basheer daughters on the opposite side of the table aided considerably in the balancing of ongoing conversations, making them more casual than evidentiary. Hafsa and Dunia were most interactive when practical, indicating the modernity that Sakeena and Abod Basheer had insisted upon in their education and social conditioning.  

The importance of balancing tradition with the temporal current was a concept that only Claudine Millar amongst all those gathered in the group struggled with.   Tradition in the Western European mentality was much more the stuff of habit and slogan than of any real life affirming day-to-day relevance.  

No doubt the meat of the conversation was fascinating, bordered on many issues, actual and imaginary, that would constantly cause friction between the ever-increasing number of displaced individuals seeking new homes, new identities, and in reality utterly new allegiances, and the peoples obliged by their uncontrollably violent past circumstances to accept the flooding of their precious space by persons whom till quite recently were their total antithesis if not virulent enemies. Claudine’s focus, imagination, was festooned with far more personal questions. Matters that caused her pulse and temperature to act similarly to some newly jilted adolescent experiencing the first disquiet of what would undoubtedly prove a bumpy ride thereon.

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