6th May 2023

During the numerous differing personas that sergeant Claudine Miller had been obliged to present in her stint in law enforcement, the least comfortable of all had been her early days as a plain and simple beat cop in and about her home neck of the woods. The uniform has never really fitted terribly well, had chaffed somewhat, particularly when she was obliged to don the dark blue official skirt and jacket synonymous with historic representations of the female constable. Claudine was far more comfortable as soon as promotion allowed her to adopt a more masculine appearance in her preferred styling of plain clothes, bordering on a wholly neutral visual effect.  Quite handily the public seemed to share this preference, liking, and accepting as precisely suitable the smart, non-fanciful style she so naturally leaned towards.   Fascinatingly, as soon as she appeared androgynous her sexuality ceased to be an issue and she was allowed to pursue whatever gender of chosen partners she felt inclined to enjoy, congregate with, and publicly broadcast as her particular preference.

Female interviewees, prisoners and suspects were equally comfortable with her blatant sexual honesty. None appere4d threatened being confronted by this smart and unapologetic lesbian, probably recognizing that to be aa equally powerful partner in a this male dominated profession there were only two real alternatives for a woman, either to become the communal bedsheet, or the distanced lesbian uninterested and unimpressed my masculine bravado. It also helped that Claudine was physically quite capable of standing up to the most robust of her colleagues and possible opponents. She was an outright tigress, quite capable of inflicting considerable hurt on the unwary of each and every gender.  

Sakeena Basheer as a woman of Syrian Islamic stock was a prime example of exactly the type of female that should have felt no connection whatever with Claudine. Yet transversely the feeling of sistership existed duplicitous as it always seemed too. No matter what obvious social differences should diminish the core bond, the shared understanding of the strife’s of being feminine in a man’s world overrode all else.

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