5th May 2023

Having a more or less exact knowledge of the events that transpired, or at minimum a sufficiently clear picture from firsthand reports to paint the timeline indisputably, did not really assist either man to see circumstances as anything but thoroughly regrettable, unconscionable, and a major stain on both government and more personally concerningly the civil service, whose main function was to steer their often-struggling masters on a safe and righteous course. Being practiced diplomats they knew that for the status quo would survive such an abhorrent moment but would bear the scars from the shame for several epoch to come. The memory of the administrative beast was long and not the slightest easily or rapidly expunged.  

Like the spread of an insidious disease the ills were already traveling along stream and artery throughout the entire infrastructure, aided, and abetted by the generally willing beasts of burden that pull along any state according to the momentary whims of the drivers, and the general puzzlement of the of great unwashed.

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