3rd May 2023

The honest truth was that Pam-Ella Cowerland, the British Home Secretary, has not the slightest care whether the invective she spewed on an almost daily  basis was inflammatory or  not, the resulting disaffection caused was far less important than the continuing trowelling of lies and falsehoods  she was successfully building  in the eyes of her beloved virulent percentile of the British electorate, whose ponderous considerations  about immigration and preservation of a very particular national identity,  agreed implicitly with her own. None could ever accuse Pam-Ella of a change of heart or perspective, her direct taproot from a first-generation immigrant family herself did nothing to dilute   her animosity and distaste for anyone the slightest removed from purest Anglican stock. A most peculiar set of circumstances indeed.

Renfrew Palfry found himself in a very similar situation, As a minister, and more vitally a bishop in the Church of England he was obligated to be asexual, or a minimum indisputably heterosexual, and so his very deep-rooted preference for the company of young men in his boudoir was a secret that had to be closeted at all costs. The standing joke about the gayness of Roman Catholic priests had never tainted the protestant realm of the English church, quite probably because of the allowance of the religious hierarchy to marry and propagate. A healthy smattering of wives and children does much so dismiss rumors of illicit sexual entanglements. Most regrettably the twenty-first century has brought a more flamboyant and flowery practitioner to the wearing of the clerical collar, with a resulting upsurge of same sex attraction and activity. Bishop Winchester and is retinue of attractive young men could presently hardly be regarded as an unusual happenstance.

The merging, amalgamation of conservative principles with the modern mindset was producing strange and somewhat absurd bedfellows. A mix that should by all rights have produced a very comfortable and easy-going form of liberalism was instead giving birth to a very obvious duplicitous expression in every recent snapshot of the nation’s public appearance.  

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