30th April 2023

Joanna Spivey, Claudine Millar, and Darlene Gillespie were sitting on high stools at the Spa’s rather elegantly decorated bar. The arrival and occupation of the seats by three such beautiful women was causing quite the stir amongst the embellishments regular customers. The three of the girls had adopted cocktail type dresses of this particular meet, Darlene’s being a very feminine looking teal colored straight number, reaching just to the knee, Joanna adopting something in a darker blue, of similar contour, but backless, Claude sticking to her favorite black, with a pleated skirt reaching just below the knee, and a rather heavily silver rhinestone encrusted sleeveless bodice.  A parade of man sauntered past and tried to entice one or all to partake in drinks, but all were abruptly shooed way, the ladies were not inclined towards appendaged company this evening.

Quite by chance Fergus Lothly and Penelope Laine wandered past arm in arm, on the way to their table in the exquisite restaurant further along the fully glazed exterior wall of the main building. Fergus gave a cheery wave but did not stop for introductions, understanding that Joanna would undoubtedly enjoy filling in all of the facts she was familiar with, and quite possibly add in a few more she may have falsely or truthfully surmised. Lothly quite enjoyed being the source of a little rumor momentary. He so often was simply dismissed as a wholly cold fish; a bit of spice would enhance his mysterious persona quite usefully.  

In actuality the conversation of trio at the bar focused much more on Penny than Fergus, the three putting forward quite inappropriate suggestions as to how her presence was firmly affixed in their ears and eyes, and in some very naughty fantasies they would be acting out very shortly in Gerri’s very comfortable soundproof spa cottage.  

Penny felt sufficiently comfortable in Fergus’s company to ask quite blankly who the two ladies sitting with Joanna were.

“Two of her colleagues, and intimate personal friends I believe.”

“Intimate friends?”

“Very much so. I thought you might notice.”

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