29th April 2023

Tobias James was one of the few men working for MI6 in the ISI Building, Vauxhall, London, that could be trusted with the task of concocting a believable background for the imaginary plot necessary to allow the government to claim that is was indeed an international Islamic Terrorist organization that planned and carried out the refugee camp explosion.

Good foresight had provided James’s department with numerous ready rough sketches of suitable scenarios, with all the needed well known participants and financial resources to make such an event a believable actuality.   

The average person in the street had no clue about the constant games the boffins in MI6 were playing to prepare suitable cover stories for all manner of occurrences real and make believe, in preparation for forthcoming events. Being ahead of the game was the solution to all kinds of issues, diplomatic, political, and most vitally in this age of instantaneous global information, the national and international media.

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