28th April 2023

Paster Michael Sheehan had quite recently developed the most disconcerting realization about shame, and the way it twisted his conscious whenever he was obliged to perform an act that his mother would find most disgusting.

His affinity towards cross-dressing was not such an issue, he had concluded that the very real feelings of normalcy he felt wearing his preferred feminine underwear was as much a part of his true persona as the need for oxygen.  

The most grueling of his present activities was having to prostitute himself to continue in his professional capacity.  Renfrew Palfreys unqualified insistence on his willing participation in multifarious sexual depravities the quite bad enough but the recent demands that Renfrew be permitted to gift Michaels his affections to other members of the priestly brotherhood was a reach around too far, quite literally. Bishop Stratford was a particularly revolting example of the newly formed participatory group. An ugly man by any reasonable standard, cruel, unkempt, and possessing some very aggressive tendencies when forcibly taking his wants. The back of poor Michaels shoulders were covered in deep painful bite marks.

Major Lothly had promised to extend his punishment to include Stratford and several other thoroughly unpleasant offenders joining in Sheehan’s ongoing debasement.

Penelope Laine arrived at the spa just after seven in the evening, Joanna was working a little late so was able to meet Penny at the reception where Gordon dropped her off, having collected her earlier, at Fergus’s request, from her workplace in Piccadilly. Gordon really liked Miss Laine, he had known several of the governor’s previous young ladies and Penny was much more the ticket than any of the flighty previous contenders for the position of a more or less permanent companion. The boss seemed most content at present,, and Gordon understood well that the Colonel’s mood affected far more are more individuals than was immediately apparent.

This was the first time Gerri Spivey had set eyes on Penelope. She gave out an under-breath whistle in genuine appreciation.

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