27th April 2023

Fergus Lothlys tastes in the fairer sex had varied considerably over the stretch of his romantic relationships. Preferring partners that were largely content to be attentive and overwhelmed in his presence and would accept his irritating inclination to disappear into long periods of pensive silence, happily oft dispersed between hilarious exuberant witticisms and frenetically passionate interludes. Visually Ferus was inclined towards rather startling appearances, fashionably out there, well featured, nimble, and unlikely to break under his hard physical attentions, Fergus could be quite dangerously demanding in his amorousness.

He was not a child of this modern era where males are expected to ask too nicely for the favor of their partners, but he accepted refusal well enough, those unwilling to mingle were gifted immediate and irreversible escape to find more amenable friendships elsewhere Everyone had the right to a choice, cooperate, enjoy or depart immediately. A very mature manner of matching or missing. Lothly was too busy and old in the tooth to waste time cultivating, persuading, convincing, fruitlessly.   

Penelope Laine was Lothly’s present significant other. A Fortnum and Mason make up department assistant, Penny had caught Fergus’s eye when he was purchasing a small gift for his niece Anne on the occasion of her 21st birthday. Fergus had found Penny’s quasi goth make-up very alluring, and her bravery in adopting such styling is so conservative a working environment his fascination encouraging him to indulge in an unusually long and informal chat. The pair’s obvious non-work-related laughter had caused the floor walker, ex Captain Ernest Chalmers, to approach. Calmers had immediately recognized the Colonel, and Penny was terribly impressed with the way he tried very pointedly to toady up the Lothly.

“Colonel Lothly, sir, so very good to see you. I do hope everything is too your satisfaction.”

“This young lady has been enlightenment itself, Captain. Now do toddle off, there’s a good chap, I am sure you have much more pressing matters to attend too.”

Like a good soldier Chalmers gave a little bow and toddled of sharpish as ordered. Penelope Laine was so impressed that when Ferus suggested they share a bottle of wine after the store closed she gave in without the slightest hesitation.

Gordon, Lothlys chauffeur, had absolutely no difficulty spotting Penny as she left the staff exit, he has so good inclination of his boss’s preferences with the ladies. In a jiff he had pulled the limo into the curb alongside and had swung the rear door open welcomingly, with a cute little gesture for her so slide in. Ferus was waiting in the interior with a dozen nicely wrapped red roses.  

“A little predictable I now.”

Penny took the bouquet with the cutest stammered thank you.

“I know a charming little wine place just across the river, into that okay?”

“That sounds wonderful. I am nor really dressed for anything very fancy.”

“You look absolutely stunning.”

It was an easy line to say. Penny Laine looked fabulous. Absent-mindedly, Fergus looked across the road for a banker with a motorcar.   

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