26th April 2023

Peter Gogan desperately wanted to believe in Fennels new assurance about the case, but something was sticking awkwardly in his craw, making him increasingly more cautious with every passing second. Annette had done an excellent job of convincing Claudine of the validity of Alois’s brainstorming. However Gogan knew his assistant quite well enough to recognize the amount of sway Inspecter Grubber had over Claudine Millar’s perspective. Living somewhat locally to the incident site and a having some insight into the questionable characters of several of the individuals involved, he found that contemplating the likelihood of homegrown domestic terrorism was much more amenable than  the international Islamic variety.

Colonel Fergus Lothly’s involvement was especially suspicious. The man was a Home Office stooge, and international terrorism would naturally fall under the auspices of the Foreign Office, and never would that twain ever meet. Something was most definitely askew with the tale, fitting the sudden rather heated political climate far too conveniently.  

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