23rd April 2023

Her bosses sudden attention and focus on the Islamic terrorism angle as the probable driving cause in the plot did not surprise or concern Annette in any way. She was quite accustomed to Alois coming to major conclusions and decisions overnight, he was a deeply thoughtful individual, with a nose for the correct trail to follow. These well-founded feelings Annette passed onto Claudine at their first private discussion together in the rest room between pulls on a black Russian cigarette and some rather urgent exchanges of passionate tongue fencing.

“So you really think he is onto something?”

“Thats my impression. Fennel is not easily fooled or led astray.”

 Claudine let Annettes positivity sink into her mind as fully her tongue penetrated her larynx.

“I will let Gogan know your opinion, he is just perturbed by Lothlys involvement. That man is deviousness itself and always has additional irons on the fire. He screwed one of my governor’s cases once before. “  

The news that Renfrew Palfry, the Bishop of Winchester, was going to make a speech in the House of Lords that afternoon was more than a little disturbing to colonel Fergus Lothly. The man was incapable of saying a sentence without tripping over his own words and was also far too close an ally of Pam-Ella Cowerland for the occasion to be just coincidental.

As soon as Paltry rose to address a full house of the Lords it was abundantly clear that something unusual, if not unique, was about to occur. Rather than his usual rather swanky version of the standard formal clerical attire Renfrew had chosen to adopt a very stern pitch black, red trimmed surplice over his cassock, the only highlighting relief being his purest white dog collar and a very ornate and heavy silver gemmed pectoral cross. A most theatrical costume indeed.

The words Renfrew chose to preach, for from all perspectives Bishop Winchester was in his pulpit delivering a most righteous message, were stirring, pulse raising, pleading for a national crusade against the evils nestled so securely amidst the hills and vales of the old country. A call to arms, a concerted push to return British soil to those naturally deserving of her succor. The final completion of the glorious BREXIT reawakening of the eternal Brittania herself.

Colonel Fergus Lothly had been listening to the poisonous diatribe on the home service. He reached over and turned the radio  receiver off with a firm snap.

“Quite enough of that sort of Empiric nonsense altogether.”

Once again a deeply conservative root of the country was trolling the sort of fascist rhetoric bound to lead to quite the reverse effect than what the drivers sought. Powell and Moseley had made exactly the same error of judgement. Whilst very strident words and ideas might raise British peoples ire momentarily, their better natures always prevailed and shone thought in the fullness of time. The elite is inclined to forget that the only ever successful British revolution overthrew the existing hierarchy and cost the chief culprit his head. The British nation was at heart welcoming, accepting, open, forgiving, peaceable.

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