21st April 2023

The ease with which today’s youth could be corrupted was a constant surprise to Annette. At first glance the three lads seemed perfectly normal straight boys, and yet after what seemed but a few minutes well weighted persuasion they were eagerly taking part in her own specific personal recreation of Borgia like debauchery. Most certainly the cocaine derivatives she has fed the trio with in a small crescendo of liquor shots has some assisting effects, but the ease with which they molded into imagining Lucrecia’s string of masculine service slaves was most rewarding.

Being an easily she recognizable persona in the establishment she had to extend a certain amount of care to cover any unfortunate rumors that might lead to any unwanted embarrassment. Annettes was an old hand in installing the necessary control to keep the lads mouths tightly glued shut, stifling any gossip that might leak out concerning the rather frenetic gymnastics being displayed behind her securely bolted hotel suit doors.  Rewardingly she found her scheme of expanding the scrum most rewarding.

Alois Fennel had a pretty accurate idea of the unusual proclivities his second command was fond of pursuing. He has no particular objections; he had some rather specific tastes of his own.  He only insisted that Annettes fun be kept discrete and away from of the ears the chief Inspectors whom sat atop of Scotland Yard’s very traditional hierarchy. To date Annettes philandering had been the very essence of secrecy itself.

The sort of cases Alois and Annette attracted, due to their investigative talents and known political savvy, were always very taxing mentally and psychologically. Release was necessary on occasion, and the good boss understood that a loose off duty leash was a necessary tool.  Alois liked to consider himself a reasonably excellent boss.  He asked no difficult personal questions, and expected no obvious fabrications, and most definitely no lines of expectant or disappointed lovers marring good work practices.

The certainty that his assistant would fully support him whatever tales providence required him to spiel, was most comforting.

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