20th April 2023

Annette Grubber had accepted Claudine Millars flightiness as a matter of course, the girl as quite obviously used to taking her exotic pleasures whenever and wherever the opportunity arose and had proved herself quite capable in their very fleeting interactions of being a most amusing distraction from the usual run of the mill fodder Annette was used to seducing and utilizing foe amusement. Rather than mull on the events that Claudine and Joanna might be enjoying Annette had decided to cast her net over the handsome gym attendant in the fitness center aligned with the hotel. Nigel McGuinness was very shapely lad of nineteen years, very presentable, strictly polite, and obedient, and more than happy to be Annettes bidding without the slightest murmur or kerfuffle. Quite the perfect, handsome, athletics toyboy.

The game had commenced innocently enough, with dear Nigel fussing around Annette like a honey bee about a seeming endless supply of pollen, and Annette could be a bottomless pot of delightfulness when the fancy took her. Her standard keep-fit attire of yoga pants and skimpy crop top showed off her assets quite perfectly, particularly as Annette never wore any underwear, the seams might have distracted from her perfect silhouetted form. Nigel’s eyes were on stalks immediately, and being a confident and progressive women of the world Annette was able to accept the quite obvious attention with a devil may care almost welcoming attitude, The short walk from the exercise area to the very handily placed sauna was accomplished in a most satisfactory amount to time.  This suited Annettes mood perfectly, once interested, aroused, she was not inclined to wait long for completion any hoped for satisfaction.

Nigel proved a most accomplished at the task in hand, both in skill, effort, and physical attributes, and Anettes was sufficiently impressed to suggest the lad visit her rooms a later in the evening, when he hopefully would be sufficiently refreshed for a further bout stimulating exercise.

“If you have a pair of discrete friends why don’t you bring the along with you.”

Nigel was most intrigued by the suggestion.

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