19th April 2023

Formulating a plan that would successfully allow a speedy and acceptable solution to quandary now facing him would call for some considerable invention and the provision of heap of supporting reason and evidence.  Alois Fennel believed that he could convince his own assistant Annette Grubber to follow his steerage thought the mess, but Gogan and Millar could well provide a much harder sell. Every indication had suggested that the Inspector and sergeant were admirable detectives, suited to difficult and complex investigations, so a sudden trail of easy but somewhat incongruous clues would quite possibly bring an abundance of suspicion. Hopefully Lothly would forcefully back up any little white inventions he might have to implement to make explanations   suitably convincing.

The major decision was whether to take the militant Islamic route, of a purely homegrown terrorist angle. Either could be easily adapted to fit the events and the motives, and both employed players that were already under suspicion.

Poor Darlene Gillespie was feeling a little worse for wear and she staggered back to the limousine arm in arm with Joanna. The last two and half hours has been very frenetic, very taxing on Darlene’s mind and body, the kind of evening that slips past in a blur, only to return later in delicious snippets of sticky dream filled nights. Thankfully Gordon was as eager as ever to open the rear door and aid her to flip onto the lush upholstery.

“Don’t worry, Gordon, I will makes sure she doesn’t make mess.”

Gordon was thankful to hear Joanna Spivery’s assurance. The Colonel would expect his ride to be in A1 condition when needed on the morrow. Just in case he slipped a couple of disposable plastic bags into Joanna’s welcoming hands.  

“Just sit there quietly and relax, sweety, it’s only a short ride. You welcome to stay in my rooms overnight.”

As she gently calmed her still very twitchy aid Joanna strategically adjusted Darlene’s coat to cover the bruised and abraded nakedness that peeked from below.

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