18th April 2023

The news that the rot reached quite possibly to the very pinnacle of Whitehall should probably have disturbed Alois Fennel more, but he was a stoic at heart, quite used to the unexpected trials and tribulations of fate, natural, or as in this case manipulated. He only question that really played consistently on this mind in such scenarios, was how best to proceed without endangering the long-term prospects for his own future career and those of the minions gathered around. Such an attitude does suggest a certain level of self-indulgence, but so it should, for Alois had learned early in his trajectory that no one protects the behind better than oneself.

Ferus Lothly’s advice was very matter of fact in its presentation, allowing not the slightest chance of misunderstanding, not any hope of any direct assistance if the whole debacle went horribly askew, which chances were, it most surely would. Fennel had come to the conclusion that something very amiss with way the events presently under investigation married together. Too many wholly unlikely factors aligned before and since the offending incident to be simple coincidence. There has to be a manipulator and therefore a central   figure controlling the events as they unraveled, and attempting to continue that process in the immediate after affects and longer term future.  

Fennels very genuine admiration of all things from the past, clothing, mannerisms, niceties, attitudes, did not apply to any of the major strides that has transpired in the abilities to investigate, unravel, and solve very complex crimes, and discover their unsavory perpetrators. He liked to consider that both he and every honest detectives unquestioned superhero, Mister Sherlock Holmes, would be, and were, equally prepared to grasp any and every available straw to conclude the eternal goal of their chosen profession.

Inspector Alois Fennel found it more than a little depressing that a situation might arise where the pollical powers that be might find it convenient to assist, aid, and allow, the committal if a capital crime, particularly one tasting a lot like outright terrorism, in the confines of their own nation, and slaying, injuring, and disturbing their own citizens or visitors.

If Colonel Fergus Lothlys summation was to be believed, and Fennel could see no reason why it should be set aside, then the scenario that confronted him and his associates was totally beyond their ability to satisfactorily solve, if that solution was to include the conviction and punishment of the real guilty parties. Exactly how he was expected to explain and facilitate just such ae extremely irregular outcome was momentarily quite beyond his ability to imagine. He had been considerably tempted to broach that exact point with Colonel Lothly but had decided that such an inquiry would indicate a profound inability to manipulate and persuade his own team. He was now beginning to regret that lack of candor.

The artistry to arrive at a perpetrator who successfully satisfied the needs of the establishment, the victims, and the press and public at large was going to need considerable skill and originality.  Fennel was morally disinclined to finger the entirely innocent, which reduced to possibilities of a viable actors the fit the bill considerably, players that could be ultimately permitted to continue breathing most definitely.    

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