17th April 2023

The network of the unspoken has a multitude of threads, many seeming entirely unrelated to dark   heart beating at the central core of the web. Evil knows no bounds, recognizes no borders, will most assuredly clamber gleefully any barriers the amenable may position to parry its advances. Wholly unrelated unpleasantries do indeed share common roots, well camouflaged amongst the remaining scraps of subversive and cruel offerings scattered messily about the floor.  

The ungodly are a concert, with common purpose and delights, cannibalizing the good in humanity for their devious consumption and nutrition. The bad are never to be trusted or forgiven, their nefarious motives may momentarily escape identification, but their turpitude will continue to fester and decay, nevertheless. All evil is shaved from some wizened tree, a lone dismal growth springing from plum amidst humanities most dark and devious desires. These is no escaping the shadow of the great edifice, it hovers, consistently encompassing all, from saintly to most sinful, dwelling within the shade.

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