15th April 2023

Major Herry Neville, like so many of his bombastic sort, was at heart a complete coward unable to gather sufficient courage or real aggression to battle his way out of a wet paper bag. Even his military rank was of no real worth, earned quite bloodlessly by his ceremonial  presence on the parade ground of the public school he had attended purely via monetary purchase, rather than any actual merit or accreditation. Intellectually unable to support a real managerial position in his families city business, politics was the obvious profession for him to pursue. A safe seat was found for him in the home counties, and at the unusually young age of thirty-one he took up a position on the government back benches. His family were particularly proud, as their erstwhile son had managed quite amazingly to finally accomplish something of significance in his otherwise very pointless existence.

Henrys sexual preferences had been in question since the first time he had decided to borrow ant try the feel of wearing his elder sisters underwear. There was nothing particularly investigative about his inclinations, the hoped for experience was purely climatic  in nature, vainly hoping to inspire the essence of feminization with the simple adoption of a readily available and socially perceived naughty activity, crossdressing.

 Henrys slightly notorious personal pursuits and the visual ease with which he applied himself to physical activities attracted a certain type of easily swayed followers to his banner.  At first merely other estranged boys looking for simulation and companionship in their lives were a comfortable niche, but latter expanded to include lonely girls also experiencing the very strange emotions emanating from rapidly oncoming sexual fruition.  Confusion comprehensively runs amok amongst the disenfranchised adolescents of both genders, and without any need for spur of whip they are inclined to search out a spiritual leader to blindly follow through their pre-adulthood crisis of moral and ethical identity. Henry Neville for no realistic plausible reason or quality seemed most admirably to fulfill   the exacting function of n uniquely recognizable prophet and auger.

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