7th April 2023

Driving her Saab back to the refugee camp Claudine has quite sufficient time to seriously reflect on the rather obtuse turn her life was taking. She was perfectly happy in her work, even though many of the recent cases had stomach churning events, but that was the nature of detective work, particularly if a trace of terrorism was involved. Her social life was most definitely blossoming, she had the feeling that both Annette and Joanna were seriously inclined to build some sort of relationship, even if the exact nature of the tryst would probably make any respectable relationship guidance professional weep endless bitter tears. Thankfully from her own perspective she was quite happy to make almost anything work, for the trials and tribulations of being a lonely lesbian in a workplace mainly controlled my hedonistic heterosexual men was not something she was highly attached to continuing.

At the very end his somewhat intense interview Geoffry De Villiers reached forward over the able that divided them and taking both Peter Gogans hands tightly in his grip made this statememt, quite blankly, without indicating the slightest trace of emotion or fake intention.

“I have not the slightest idea of the reason or practical function for my actions on that particular day, and I see no reason why this undeniable truth should alter or change whatever passage of time or allteration  of circumstances might accrue.”

Both Gogan and Fennel were bewildered, De Villiers remarks made no sense, or had any particular reference to circumstances past or present, and to make matters excruciatingly more confusing Geoffry De Villiers thenceforth retreated utterly into his shell and adopted a veil of silence that has yet to be broken in any way, shape, or frorm, whatsoever.

With Major Neville now under the protection of his very controlling solicitor and De Villiers hid beneath his new found cone of silence, Brian Peacehaven became the one remaining hope of an immediate verbal breakthrough. Fennel and Gogan jointly decided to lean, and lean hard.

The chances that Grace Pritchard would exactly miss Peacehaven being around their house were slight, the man had a decided violent streak, as the obligatory daily slaps about her cheeks, both face and ass, were a consistent proof. Grace did not explicitly mind the reminders, she was after all inclined to be a most disappointing individual in all kinds of ways, liable to be lazy, forgetful, not particularly attentive, a second-rate partner all round. She considered herself very fortunate to have a boyfriend so forgiving of her weaknesses, who accepted her low moral character so patiently, much as her father had done when she first begun walking the streets around the harbor at the age of fourteen.

 Promiscuity came to Grace quite naturally. Her mother had been a prostitute till she had mysteriously disappeared when Grace was nearly twelve, exactly around the time that Daddy and his special friends started visiting Graces bedroom most evenings. Her nighttime visitors were mostly generous and affectionate. Only the odd one or two were physically scary, but Daddy would make them ease back on their excesses if it looked like she would be permanently injured and unable to service the remainder of her waiting visitors, Daddy was a most considerate parent like that.

The progression from working a home upstairs bedroom to backstreet alleyways was predictable enough, Daddies friends had begun expecting freebees, unpaid for frolics, and those didn’t bring in the monies that Daddies and her own growing addictions demanded in hard cash.

Streetwalking called for protection, and that when Daddy has introduced her to Brian Peacehaven, a most attractive looking young man with a viscous streak a mile wide, who for an appropriate cut was quite willing to act as Graces pimp. ‘Twas a match made in heaven, Grace fell head over heels in love, and Brians reputation and physical prowess kept everyone one of her regulars and any new clients in line,  

Quite soon Daddy transferred his affections to her younger sister, Emma, and Grace was able to focus all her considerable outflowing of worship upon the new idol at the center of her existence, Brian Peacehaven.

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