2nd April 2023

The fact that Claudine now appeared to be the only one of investigators in contact with Lothly, via her individual relationship with Joanna, made Alois and Peter jointly decide to pursue that connection to the fullest measure. Miller was dispatched to have lunch with her new bestest friend and delve away as much as politeness and her familiarity would allow. Before setting forth for her hotel, where the meeting had been hurriedly arranged by text, Claudine made sure to run any possible interactions past Annette, who quite obviously had some slight personal investiture in any future developments.

“Carte blanche, my darling Claude, do your very worst, but I insist on all the dirty delicious of details. “

Her conscience assuaged, Claudine retrieved her Saab and sped westwards humming to herself quite expectantly.

The decision to change both her apparel and persona tiptoed into Claudine’s thoughts around halfway through the short trip to her hotel. She certainly has sufficient time to make a reasonable stab at the surprise and the benefits gained might well be considerable. It has been quite the while since she went full on lipstick lesbian, but Claudette had the most agreeable feeling that Gerri would be particularly appreciative of both transformed appearance and the insinuated inclination. As always there was a carefully packed small suitcase of ultra feminine fashionables in the Saabs luggage space. Much as the styling was not the usual choice for Claudine to adopt, she was always found herself a little eager to pirouette and pose.

The colonel had very considerately allowed Joanna to utilize his transport for the luncheon meeting. The interior if the vehicle was luxury in the extreme, the beautifully upkept upholstery filled the atmosphere with the unmistakable odor of pristine leather. Joanna stretched her legs forwards to the degree only a true sedan would allow and admired her highly polished back and white brogue Dr. Martins brogue shoes that extended from her cuffed corduroy twice pleated front trousers.  The pants were a light shade of beige, and perfectly combined with her tan three button jacket and vest to give the exact appearance of a country gent about town.

“Drop we and the reception please, Gordon.”

The driver glanced back via his rear-view mirror and nodded his understanding. Gordon liked Joanna immensely and always looked forward to their occasional jaunts together.

 “Get yourself some lunch whilst I am inside. I imagine I will be an hour or two, will text when I am done.”

Gordon grinned happily. He has noted a nice enough looking country inn just previously along the road, the perfect place for a quiet sandwich and beer.

“Enjoy you lunch, ma’am.”

Joanna acknowledged Gordon’s salute as she exited the offside rear door he had most dutifully opened, and after perching her brown trilby jauntily on her well-manicured hair strolled into the hotel reception.

“Claudine Miller. she is expecting me.”

The receptionist had followed Joanna’s approach with some awe. She had noticed the grandiose limousine and its chauffeurs deferential salute.

“Ms.  Miller is in room 14. Third bungalow on the right once your enter the rear quadrangle.”

“Thank you, Evette. What a lovely name.”

Evette French, quite obviously the victim of a stab at humor by her parents, blushed a most vibrant shade of pink.

‘Thank you.”

Evette’s response was stammering and had the tinge of an appetite that was previously unrecognized.   Joanna did so enjoy arousing unfamiliar feelings in completely unprepared straight girls. Evette was actually quite pretty in an easily overlookable sort of way, and would no doubt provide hours of fun before her assured eventual seduction.

Joanna retrieved a card from her exterior breast pocket and slid the monogrammed introduction across the reception desk into Evette’s trembling fingers.

“Call me something, why don’t you.”

Evette all but wet herself.

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