30th March 2023

The atmosphere outside the camps gates was still buzzing from yesterday’s parliamentary statement by the Home Secretary. The morning newspapers were full of rumors, suppositions, and very pointed editorials. The editions supportive of the Conservative government echoed the Home Secretary’s words of strident patriotism, whilst the Labor and Liberal based papers showed a more balanced perspective, full of concern and acceptance for those unfortunates forced to flee their own nations in an attempt so find safety and security in the United Kingdom.  The staff and visitors parking had been sensibly moved to the interior of the ten-foot electric fencing, utilizing the previous parade ground which lay adjacent to the main structures.   

Annette and Claudine rapidly set up a new interview with Sakeena Basheer, to confront her with the sudden, inexplicable changes in her and her daughters refugee status’s. Hopefully Sakeena would be able to cast some light on the amazing transformation that occurred over the previous day or two and any persons who may have been privy to the circumstances. and reasoning.

“Morning Ms. Spivey, this is Claudine Millar calling form the refugee camp.”

Claudine had decided to keep the conversation professional; you never knew with intelligence facilities who might be listening in.

“Cool it Claude, the only person listening to any of our calls is me. Precautions have been put in place.”

“How do you mange that?”

“A little sprinkle of Lothly magic dust.”

“Handy stuff to have around.”

“Sane goes for all you colleagues numbers, including personal cells. Can’t have the wrong people spying on friends of the family.”

“You’re a star.”

“So true, so true.”

Gerri giggled like a schoolgirl after her first wet kiss.

“Have you been missing me. Claudeeee.?”

The affectionate ribbing in Gerri’s tone was most endearing.

“Yes, yes, and yes, but also Chief Inspector Fennel asked me to call.”

“Affirmative pleadings warmly accepted. So what’s the query?”

“Any chance of a source for the info you shared last night. About the visas that is. We are questioning the mother again in a few, so a little more insight would be brilliant.”

“Will have to check and see if its anything we can share.  You know how stiff some things can be on occasion.”

The double entendre caused both girls to chuckle.

“I will get back to you in a jiffy.  Later’s, sweet cheeks.”

Claudine sat listening to the now silent phone for a full minute after the disconnection click. She was feeling just a little vulnerable and feminine, a most unusual circumstance.

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