29th March 2023

Claudine and Annette arrived for their regular breakfast appointment by the skin of their teeth. Claude had dropped Annette off at her hotel to shower and change barely an hour earlier. The fact that Annette arrived at the restaurants window-kiosk looking quite perfect was miraculous to say the least. The finale to their dinner engagement the previous evening had been frenetic and exhausting. Of course Claudine had drunk too much alcohol to be able to drive, so the pair had decided to stay overnight in Joanna’s very spacious villa. The sleeping facilities were limited to two king sized doubt beds in the bedroom that overlooked the adjacent golf course.  The beds pushed together quite easily under Claude and Gerri’s joint insistence, thereby presenting an expansive gymnastics arena.  Having entertained the boys with a well-practiced disrobement, Annette crawled in catlike fashion to the very center of the well upholstered stage and presented herself quite naked and open too whatever advances her two suiters might find within their capabilities to imagine and perform. The following carnival was replete with an abundance of pleasure and satisfaction. The return from Spa to their respective hotels for cleanup and repair was competed in the breathless hush of mutual reminiscence.

In the few moments between showering and arriving for breakfast Claudine had managed to commence a frantic investigation into any oddities around the Basheer females suddenly viable legal status, and more especially looking for any mysterious increase in the families financial status.

Alois Fennel had noted with some fascination that his second in command Annette Grubber whilst as ever a perfect example of fashionable elegance had opted for a slightly more androgynous style than she had been displaying over the past few days. He had long surmised that the degree of her genderized displays closely echoed her momentary physical and emotional state, and Annette had quite obviously experienced some transitioning activity  overnight. From Claudine Millers somewhat blundering rendition of the new evidence he presumed she must have been privy to whatever psychological transformation had occurred.

April Hogan had been watching the odd group of police personnel most carefully for the last several days. Her position as early morning waitress allowed her to causally, all but invisibly, watch and overhear snatches on the most private of interactions to her inquisitive hearts content. April was the most invasive of people, enjoying the secret power that spying on total strangers brought.

Normally her antisocial compulsion did nothing but excessively drive her overactive imagination to all sorts of fanciful conclusions, but these present snippets were earning her bundles of ready cash from the drove of hovering newspaper reporters eager to learn any golden snatch she might have gathered. Any opinions April had formulated in the few years since she had left secondary school were utterly formed by the level of barely concealed jealousy she held for anyone capable of managing as existence however slightly improved than her own. She presently found herself hovering more and mor,e and was beginning to realize she was not quite as transparent and she had imagined.

” Not any need to hang around, miss.  We will give you a call if we need anything further. “

Gogans dismissal was polite enough but beyond argument. April retreated rather forlornly towards the counter area normally her  natural domain.

“You think the girl was listening?”

Annettes question produced a shoulder shrug from Peter Gogan.

“Wouldn’t you with all these flush pocketed news fiends hanging about for tidbits?”

Annette continued her almost constant settling in her seat. The adventures of the previous long but invigorating night had left some tender reminders on and about her undercarriage. Both her beaus were especially passionate young chaps and had been eager to outdo each other with the depth and freneticism of their attentions, singularly, and on one memorable occasion jointly in adjacent areas of overwhelming sensation.

In belated homage she stretched out a leg and with her beautifully shod foot stroked the back of Claude’s trousered calf. Annette recognized her reaction immediately, aa expression that spoke of the inner turmoil that only the effect of intense pain or pleasure can arouse. It was Claudine’s orgasm face.

“Did your Ms. Spivey indicate a source for this wonderful piece of intelligence.”

“Not specifically, just that it was a 100% reliable according to her boss.”

“Ah, a  Lothly-ism, that man do have remarkable trove of the most unlikely informants.”

Alois Fennel had enormous respect for the web of completely viable information that the Colonel could muster without the least apparent effort.

“Try and wangle us some explanatory background if you can, Sergeant, seems like you have a certain degree of personal sway with Joanna Spivey.”

Fennel always used her rank when he wanted to impress the importance the importance of a task. Claudine didn’t object at all, especially if it meant having to meant Gerri again. He has proven himself quite the attractive partner to intertwine with.

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