28th March 2023

The number of reasons Claudine Miller had to being particularly pleased that she has accepted Annettes Grubber invitation to dinner this evening were growing exponentially. For starters, when she drove her black Saab sportster into the hotel forecourt to pick Annettee up for their jaunt her eyes had all but popped out of their sockets as her dinner partner swanned into view, dressed in a quite breathtaking full length white gown, quite suitable for the red carpet of a film premiere. Claudine brought her pretty beast to a screaming halt and quickly leaped out to open the driver’s door to assist Annettes entry.   

“So sweet of you, Claude. You look very nice this evening.”

As she spoke Annette extended the back for her right hand in Claudine’s direction. Without a second thought Claude gently took the offered mitt and pressed her lips with some passion to the flesh. The skin smelt and tasted quite extravagantly delicious.

The drive to the Thanet Spa took but a few minutes. Annette somehow managed to look completely calm, perfectly surreal, and utterly comfortable in a seat than must have proven totally unsuitable for her costume. For her part Claudine was just thankful that she had decided to wear a snappy evening dress three-piece suit for their dinner meet, she wanted desperately to think date, but nervousness held her back from being so presumptuous.

The manicured driveway to the spa was suitable impressive. This area was rapidly becoming a magnet for the nuevo rich, and the spa was a typical Americanization for their amusement. Overpriced, very flashy and false, designed to make their new monied selves feel like they deserved the glamorous lifestyle their most fortunate earnings have provided.

The main building, which included bars and restaurant, was ablaze with light. Annette and Claudine exited the Saab, allowing a parking attendant to take the vehicle in exchange for a parking stub, and sauntered up the expansive flight of stairs to the foyer. Annette slipped an arm thought Caudices to aid with balance, she was wearing four-inch stilettos.  Joanna Geraldine Spivey was standing awaiting their arrival by the main bar sipping in a martini. She wore an almost exactly matching suit to Claudine’s.

“Gerri, how wonderful to put a face to the voice. Do you know Claude Miller, we work together.  Two such handsome fellows, I really won’t know which was to turn for the best.”

The trio exchange very theatrical kisses on their cheeks and the two guys gripped each other’s dueling hands in a most impressive display of strength.

“Martinis all round?”

As hostess it was Geraldines responsibility to start the celebrations.

What a wonderful idea.”

Annette was throwing herself into full-on party girl mode.

“We should eat soon, I am starved. You must be too Claude, darling.”

Geraldine suddenly recalled she had some pressing news to relay.

“Sorry to talk shop for a moment but I came up with some fascinating information just a tad earlier. Sakeena Basheer and her two daughters have been granted permanent residency.”

“Thats strangely coincidental.”

Annette was somewhat bemused by the snippet.

“But not a mention of the husband.”

“Do sound like someone’s been paying dues for services rendered.” 

“Doesn’t it just.”

“A fresh line of enquiry of us tomorrow then. Thank you for your digging and insight, Gerri.”

Annette leant froward and gave Geraldine a very full kiss plumb on the lips. Gerri flushed a most attractive shade of link, whilst Claude sighed most jealously.

” Now, now, Claude, no need to be getting all bent out of shape.”

Annette presented Claudine with a duplicate embrace equally unexpectedly.

“I am on a promise from both of you know! There will be lots of time after dinner.”

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