27th March 2023

Major Henty Neville (retired), the present Conservative member of parliament for the constituency of Orpington West was thoroughly disappointed by the turnout of anti-refugee protesters who had arrived in response to the Home Secretary’s fighting words. Did almost seem that the majority of the British population didn’t share his inflamed sense disgust at the flood of unwanted persons presenting themselves wholly illegally at the nation’s borders. He found the general air of complacency totally inappropriate; the country was being threatened by a militant takeover of every tradition dear to true English citizens.

The causing of small irritating fusses was exactly the measure of Neville capabilities, an eternal mosquito bite of a man,  always hovering in the proximity of an issue, and on a successful day delivering bothersome itch, but more often than not just brushed away with the mildest intimation of a swat. His present most vocal companion, a brutish fellow named Brian Peacehaven, was an entirely differing kettle of fish, not only obnoxiously loud and vile in speech, but easily capability of funneling his aggression into a barrage of direct and viscous activity.  Heny Neville was a wholly blunt stick, but in Peacehaven’s dangerous grip was quite capable of poking out an unwary individuals eye.  The ‘East Coast Protection Society’ was Henrys rather grandiose named group of thugs surrounded their leader in a swarm of aggressive menace. Ever ready at a moment notice to resort to the violence that was their most consistent policy item, carefully aimed at a specific target of just Joe Public in general, they, and their affiliated Fascist brethren formed a disturbing wedge in the Conservative electorate. The Home Secretary and her rabble-rousing ilk could rely on these extremist storm troops to deliver a regular diet of fear and loathing in response to their unconscionable slanders.  

The art of well-balanced persuasion wasn’t lost on the members of the ‘the East Coast Protection Society’, ‘twas just terribly time consuming to promulgate and required a level of evidentiary support that would have been impossible to assess when the notions they put forward were totally alien to the inclinations of the general population. However much unrest and pregnant falsehood their movement could create the generous nature at the heart and soul of the overwhelming majority held firm against their especially filtered variety of exaggerated unction.

With the rise of anti-unification feeling, as exampled by the recent referendum resulting in BREXIT, right wing extremists of all political persuasions had decided that perhaps at last their time for preeminence had arrived. Most fortunately when the principles they spread about, all rooted in bigotry, unnatural divisiveness, and racial stereotypes, proved sufficiently uncomfortable for the even the not easily inflamed skin of the general population, any adoptability and long-term hope for legislative alterations was quashed.

The principle of British 19th century style sovereignty might still be illusory attractive, but the reality was in hindsight very clearly appreciated as impractical and   unhumanitarian.

 The peoples of the United Kingdom had quite miraculously dragged themselves into the present and become but a portion of the global state.

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