19th March 2023

The political furor that had accompanied the announcement of the bombing had surprised no one, the national refugee crisis was a political football that the opposing parties has been kicking up and down the social landscape or a considerable period. Extremism of any kind was rejected the majority of the British population no matter the source, whether foreign led or the product of dissatisfaction on the parliamentary benches.  The country seemed in disarray, an unpopular government trying to rule by consistently making false statements and adverse  accusations to cover the very plain corruption within their own ranks, low and high.

Alois Fennel was an old hand at playing these kind of administration games, having survived a number of the most unfortunate examples in the recent past.  He knew there was no solution but good concise investigation, followed by a full and public diagnosis of the events and the going impact for good or bad.

Fennel and Gogan had been obliged to meet with a representative of the Home Office before proceeding any further with their enquiries.  The wholly unnecessary waste of time was with a chap named Fergus Lothly, the third secretary to the undersecretary of the present Home office minister.  

“Haven’t we met before Mister Lothly?”

Alois Fennel had a healthy mistrust of professional civil servants.

“I do believe so, Chief Inspecter. During the Shorditch investigation.”

The mention of the old case did not relieve Fennels concern one iota. Lothly obviously a professional fixer, someone who specialized on the smoothing over of politically sensitive cases.

“So a new Home secretary, but a familiar face overseeing any repercussions?”

“We all have our roles to play.”

‘So what’s the word from above?”

Alois really didn’t feel inclined to play nicely today.

“No instructions, just a friendly couple of suggestions.”

“Suggest away, dear chap, but don’t expect any automatic agreement. “

Lothly and Fennel exchanged knowing smiles.

“No unnecessary publicity, and definitely no announcements of underlying causes or perpetrators without prior Home Office approval. “

The two old adversaries shook hands and Lothly wandered off whistling quite happily under his breath.

“That was interesting.”

Gogan has held his tongue with ease during the encounter with Lothly. The man was obviously quite influential and the making of adverse waves would suit no particular purpose presently.

“Lothly arriving means MI5 involvement. A most useful piece of information. They are very casually stating their involvement in the issue, and quite likely forewarning us the trail might not lead at all where the plain facts might suppose.”

“Wheels in circles, spokes inside of wheels.”

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